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  1. Hi all! My geme have a menu_1 with buttons, if you click some button, then over an old menu_1 creates a new menu_2 with new buttons, but buttons from menu_1 react for click even if it under of new menu_2. I mean, if my button have observable PointerUp and I am creates sprite over this button, then this button react for PointerUp anyway, even under sprite, how I can hide all Observable buttons under one big sprite, that it don't react for pointer, but when I am delete my big sprite, then buttons start react on poiter again? Thank
  2. Okay, it's helped, but if I am loading just texture - it is works, but if I am loading font, then no one error and nothing happening. I wrote in function onLoad console.log("font loaded") and nothing in console
  3. I got error on
  4. Where I can load my texture and font file, that I can load it in the playground?
  5. Hello all, I am using BitmapFontTexture for creating text messages, in browser chrome and opera all works fine, but in firefox I got white screen and error message: I tried to finding something in internet but still don't solved this problem. Thank.
  6. Thank! Good news, I thinked that I did something wrong and just unidted all font textures in one texture.
  7. Hi all, I tried to use several BitmapFontTexture, but I see all text have first font and second font haves some deformations var f1 = new BABYLON.BitmapFontTexture(scene, "fonts/bulletsNumbers32.fnt", "fonts/bulletsNumbers32_0.png", undefined, false, undefined, function() { new BABYLON.Text2D("123", { parent: canvas, id: "text1", bitmapFontTexture: f1, x:100, y: 100}); }); var f2 = new BABYLON.BitmapFontTexture(scene, "fonts/message.fnt", "fonts/message_0.png", undefined, false, undefined, function() { new BABYLON.Text2D("123", { parent: canvas, id: "text2", bitmapFontTexture: f2, x:100, y: 200}); }); If i load just one font separately then first font or second font looks ok. First font Second font
  8. Hi everyone! And question again How I can attach the WorldSpaceCanvas2D to some mesh on my scene? Something like WorldSpaceCanvas2D.parent = myMesh. Or I need changing a canvas position and rotation in every frame? Then next question, how I can change the WorldSpaceCanvas2D position and rotation in worldSpace? Thank!
  9. Hi all! I made map with buildings and trees. The map using 15 textures 512x512. What better for performance? Using 15 textures 512x512? Or combine all map textures in one big texture 2048x2048? and what the max size of the texture babylon is supports? Thank!
  10. Sorry, but I not fully understood about your dialog with Deltakosh. I am not strong in English it is working example? or what it is? because this code stop all my animations on the scene var Animatable = BABYLON.Animatable; Animatable.prototype.stop = function (animationName) { var idx = this._scene._activeAnimatables.indexOf(this); if (idx > -1) { if (animationName) { var animations = this._animations; var numberOfAnimationsStopped = 0; for (var index = animations.length - 1; index >= 0; index--) { if (typeof animationName === "string" && animations[index].name != animationName) { continue; } animations[index].reset(); animations.splice(index, 1); numberOfAnimationsStopped++; } if (animations.length == numberOfAnimationsStopped) { this._scene._activeAnimatables.splice(idx, 1); if (this.onAnimationEnd) { this.onAnimationEnd(); } } } else { this._scene._activeAnimatables.splice(index, 1); var animations = this._animations; for (var index = 0; index < animations.length; index++) { animations[index].reset(); } if (this.onAnimationEnd) { this.onAnimationEnd(); } } } };
  11. adam, thank for help. Then I will be waiting for some help or informations from Deltakosh
  12. And what I need to change in my game code? If on playground you commented scene.render(), but how can I run my game without render?
  13. I don't understand how it's works without scene.render(), I get white screen if commented out scene.render()
  14. I tried it's on my game and result even worse: tremble. Thank for help, will waiting for some news from the babylon developers
  15. Good idea, but this are simplified version of my game, where player keeps a weapon and haves heavy animations like wave of the hand and I need know not only position of a bone, but rotation too edit: I understood, maybe I can use bone.getRotation, okay, tomorrow I will apply this idea to my game and then I will write what came of