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  1. Sorry, but I not fully understood about your dialog with Deltakosh. I am not strong in English it is working example? or what it is? because this code stop all my animations on the scene var Animatable = BABYLON.Animatable; Animatable.prototype.stop = function (animationName) { var idx = this._scene._activeAnimatables.indexOf(this); if (idx > -1) { if (animationName) { var animations = this._animations; var numberOfAnimationsStopped = 0; for (var index = animations.length - 1; index >= 0; index--) { if (typeof animationName === "string" && animations[index].name != animationName) { continue; } animations[index].reset(); animations.splice(index, 1); numberOfAnimationsStopped++; } if (animations.length == numberOfAnimationsStopped) { this._scene._activeAnimatables.splice(idx, 1); if (this.onAnimationEnd) { this.onAnimationEnd(); } } } else { this._scene._activeAnimatables.splice(index, 1); var animations = this._animations; for (var index = 0; index < animations.length; index++) { animations[index].reset(); } if (this.onAnimationEnd) { this.onAnimationEnd(); } } } };
  2. adam, thank for help. Then I will be waiting for some help or informations from Deltakosh
  3. And what I need to change in my game code? If on playground you commented scene.render(), but how can I run my game without render?
  4. I don't understand how it's works without scene.render(), I get white screen if commented out scene.render()
  5. I tried it's on my game and result even worse: tremble. Thank for help, will waiting for some news from the babylon developers
  6. Good idea, but this are simplified version of my game, where player keeps a weapon and haves heavy animations like wave of the hand and I need know not only position of a bone, but rotation too edit: I understood, maybe I can use bone.getRotation, okay, tomorrow I will apply this idea to my game and then I will write what came of
  7. Yes, example, which adam share on playgraond are using version 2.6-alpha
  8. Yes, I tried to write movement after render, but this do not helped I think the authors of the babylon js can help, if them will analyse version 2.5 and 2.4, because in the version 2.4 all works fine
  9. Adam says Yes, I am simulating the movement Like in first video in this topic And I think, that a mesh attached to bone, must working with movements bones
  10. Yes, I shooted video with issue, sorry for big video resolution In some moment, the sphere detaching from bone, if I clicks my mouse
  11. Deltakosh, Hello again! I did not solve this problem but I knew something new about this problem and attach an example in this topic with this problem in the babylon 2.5, but if you run example in the babylon 2.4, then all works fine
  12. Okay, I did it But I don't know how to load a models on the playground and I just create the archive file. In my example I created many Elipse2D for simulating low FPS, you can change value of count of Elipses for manipulating of FPS, for each PC it is own count of elipses In example just you need it is click mause as many time as you can and you see that sphere, which attached to bone sometimes detaches for one moment And one more fact, if you try to run this example in the version of babylon 2.4, all works fine, without a bone detaching example.rar
  13. Hi, guys! I have some problem. I am using function attachToBone for attaching a pistol to a hand of my game character. Sometimes if I change a character animations between shot and idle, pistol detaches from bone like on video. I think this is becouse in one moment a bone with pistol dos't animate, when an animation changes. But it is happens not always, often at low fps. And in old version of babylon 2.4 all works fine. But in version 2.5 it problem is appeared. Thanks for any considerations and ideas about it is problem. And it is problem if you ask me share on playground, this projects have many codes and models and other materials I shot the video
  14. Yes, would be cool ! But now I came up with a workaround, I save animateble in veriable and then before run animation again I write animateble.onAnimationEnd = null
  15. My project have about two thousand lines and many differents js files it is difficult to share this I have an animation fire from gun and if I click the mouse button, then plays animation of a fire from the gun, and if this animation do not over and I click mouse button again, then plays animation of a fire from the gun again from the first frame and calls onAnimationEnd. But I need, if my animation did not finish until the end and started egain, then dont call the function onAnimationEnd. Because function onAnimationEnd calls in all situations whether animations is played to the end or did not played to the end and started again. I know, the answer is somewhere near