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  1. Virax

    A Unity Like Character Controller

    Hello, The Vector3 class has a Lerp method ! You should try it! It should smooth the transition between the position you're adding But do you have a playground example to be more clear ?
  2. Virax

    Terrain Material - Shadows

    Thank you very much !! @Luaacro I just clone the material library from the babylonJS repo, i recompile the material with gulp and all works fine ! Ps: @Deltakosh ty for the ping xD
  3. Virax

    Terrain Material - Shadows

    Hello ! First, for my first message, i want to thanks all the babylonJS developer for their awesome work ! I recently tried the Terrain Meterial for generating a custom terrain with a mixmap... All is good so far, i even found a process to generate a mixmap with Blender and Cycles from a heightmap (I attached an image to the post for people who want this). I still have an issue with the shadows or the TerrainMaterial, started though i was making a mistake, because my scene is more and more complicated, but i reproduce the bug on the playground, and i got the same error : Unfortunatelly i'm new with WebGL, BabylonJs and all this stuff, and i can't understand nothing nothing about this material, it's way too more complicated for me... Can someone tell me if it's a bug, or if the Terrain Material maybe cannot support shadows yet, or perhard i just made an horrible mistake XD Thanks