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    Scope of HTML5

    Just compare demand for HTML5 developers and mobile game developers and on the job market. I guess it one to hundred and it getting less year by year.
  2. AntonBel

    Add Pixel Perfect Collision to something users can draw

    I create circles and rectangles. Do not know p2 engine. I suggest you to learn physic engine much better to make such type of game.
  3. AntonBel

    Add Pixel Perfect Collision to something users can draw It uses Box2D physic engine. If you know this engine you will no need help to make circles and rectangles.
  4. AntonBel

    Add Pixel Perfect Collision to something users can draw

    I did such game. Drawing line by finger. Just use physical circles and rectangles.
  5. Thanks for this info. I was planting my game to this site and after reading this stop doing this. Also they do not answer to my technical problems emails. I think this is same story as with merketjs site.
  6. Hi, is it possible to work remotely ?
  7. AntonBel

    Minako Vs Zombies - New Phaser Game

    Is it so bad ? Are H5 games not profitable anymore ?
  8. Hi All, I am a JavaScript developer with great experience on HTML5 game development. I can do almost any type of game on Phaser framework. The site with my games: Regards, Anton
  9. Hi, I can help you make this game. Thers is my skype antonbeloborodov . I have great experience making HTML5 games. Anton
  10. I can help you. Email send.
  11. AntonBel

    [Phaser] Legendary PirateBay!

    I played this game. First impression, 1. Music it terrible 2. Have no clue what to do 3. Lost intrest after 20 seconds of game
  12. AntonBel

    How to submit games to spilgames?

    They do not need any games for a long time.
  13. AntonBel

    What skills are required for Phaser development?

    If some area is overcrowded it means theres is alot of money in there. HTML5 game development area are almost empty. Guess why.
  14. AntonBel

    Clicking outside game window causes freezing

    I had this problem with iframe freezing. It happens when you use new versions of Phaser. Switch to 2.6.2 version it it will work fine.
  15. AntonBel

    Spiky. Arcade game.

    Spiky. The bird running left to right trying to avoid spikes on the sides. There is candies you will catch. The aim is to beat the high score. The "thing" of the Spiky game is you having random abilities and features for every game round. As such. 1) The Hart. One spare life. 2) Surprize box. Exists 8 seconds on the field. It has 3 to 5 candy points. 3) Double candies on field 4) Triple candies on field 5) Magnet. To attract nearby candies. Also this features can be combined. Two or three at the same time. At the start of the game you are presented with square board of 9 random features (harts, boxes..). Spin the wheel and get random feature or two, three of them. Every spin costs 5 candies, so you have reason to catch more of them. PS. If you want to buy sitelock or sponsor this game. This email