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  1. KingDanius

    Free Music Resource

    Is it okay like that? " Credits: [...] Musik tracks - Eric Matyas "
  2. KingDanius

    Free Music Resource

    Hi It's me again. I implemented 2 of your sounds already. Those are so epic (especially the Fantasy Forest Battle)! Later, I will definitely credit you in my game. If you want to see where I used them feel free to visit my game's page without downloading anything, it's playable in the browser! (I used the Arcade Fantasy in the character select but I will change it to the Realm of Fantasy since it fits better)
  3. Hello, I don't know if you are still searching someone to collaborate with, but maybe you are interested in my project. It's a small 2D MOBA and still in development. I am searching someone to help me out with some pixel arts since I work on my own right now. Here is a link to the game if you want to test it. If you are interested, contact me here:
  4. KingDanius

    Free Music Resource

    Very nice tracks!! I am working on a 2D MOBA game and would use some of them ^^ But for now I have to complete the main parts before I can really implement sound.
  5. Hello! (Note: helpers are all volunteers. There is no payment yet since I don't earn any money myself with the game.) I am working on a 2D MOBA and searching someone to help me with the Pixel art! The game is still in development and soon I will have fixed the major problems so I can start with introducing new things. I need help in following sections: Making a game cover / Main screen Background of the map, ground and walls Character models and skill particles (Characters are divided into 3 parts: Body, front arm and weapon to make them be dynamic) If you have anything else to offer, feel free! I need every help I can get! If you are interested, contact me either in this post or private here: Also you can play the game and catch a first impression of it -> here on this site <-