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  1. Aedelish

    2D artist for hire (10usd/h)

    aww really~ maybe I should found in youtube I see,...thanks for the advice^^
  2. Aedelish

    2D artist for hire (10usd/h)

    awesome art~ I want make art as good as you, but my skill was so average,....uhm, I'm newbie about freelance things, did you use app time-tracking(tracker) to record the progress? just curious....
  3. Aedelish

    Top Shootout: The Saloon

    awesome game! get me addicted to play again
  4. Aedelish

    Good Ways to Fight Distractions?

    drinking soda and eat snack? well, it's not healthy tho-
  5. Aedelish

    [Tutorial] Construct 2 Tutorials - Stick Hero

    oh! bookmarked this
  6. Aedelish

    Making money with HTML5 in 2016

    the situation same with me, now I'm partnering with my ex cowoker creating games, still on wip though. We have to learn how to marketing ....
  7. Aedelish

    Free Music Resource

    I'll take a look your works, bookmarked for now~~
  8. wow, high quality of vector artist here,..awesome work!
  9. Aedelish

    Freelance 2D game artist

    oh cool 2d art here,...
  10. Aedelish


    l'm new here, but i'll try to be active here