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  1. Part 7 is here, concluding our series: https://loonride.com/learn/phaser/slither-io-part-7 Check out the demo: https://loonride.com/examples/slither-io/slither-io/ Thanks for the support throughout the series! Let me know if you want to see more tutorials like these ones.
  2. Part 6 of my tutorial series on making Slither.io is here! https://loonride.com/learn/phaser/slither-io-part-6 Check out the demo: https://loonride.com/examples/slither-io/part-6/ Enjoy!
  3. Part 5 of our series has arrived: https://loonride.com/learn/phaser/slither-io-part-5 Also check out the demo for this part: https://loonride.com/examples/slither-io/part-5/ In this part you will learn how to add those awesome eyes to your snakes!
  4. The page must have just taken too long to send a response or load. Let me know if it happens again.
  5. Part 4 of making Slither.io with Phaser is here: https://loonride.com/learn/phaser/slither-io-part-4. Check out the demo for this part: https://loonride.com/examples/slither-io/part-4/. In this part you will learn how to recreate the unique collisions seen in Slither.io.
  6. Parts 2 & 3 of my new series, How to make Slither.io with Phaser, are here! Part 2 - Creating your first snake: https://loonride.com/learn/phaser/slither-io-part-2 Part 3 - Extending snakes to be players or bots: https://loonride.com/learn/phaser/slither-io-part-3 Enjoy!
  7. Check out the first part in our tutorial series on how to make Slither.io: https://loonride.com/learn/phaser/slither-io-part-1 Also, take a look at the demo of what you will be making: https://loonride.com/examples/slither-io/slither-io/ Enjoy!
  8. Check out our new tutorial, Phaser Cars & Trucks with P2: https://loonride.com/learn/phaser/p2-truck We will cover constraining wheels to the truck body, increasing wheel grip, and creating a bouncy chassis effect that is seen in many popular games today. See what you will learn to create: https://loonride.com/examples/bouncy-truck
  9. Loon Physics - Phaser P2 Physics Body Editor

    Good news! The outlining algorithm for Loon Physics has been improved. No more "pointless" points .
  10. Loon Ride - The epic loon game!

    Update: Check out our new promo video!
  11. Loon Physics - Phaser P2 Physics Body Editor

    Thanks for the feedback. In the future we will work on allowing the community to collaborate with us for this project. In the meantime, any other ideas are appreciated! We may make the core algorithms open-source, or instead we might start using a graphics library that already exists. Improving our outlining algorithm is our first priority.
  12. Our new tool, Loon Physics, has just been released to open beta for free! Try it now to export P2 Physics body polygons for Phaser. Use a URL to test live without exporting files. Use Loon Physics here: https://loonride.com/physics Learn how to make a game with P2 Physics using this brand new tutorial: https://loonride.com/learn/phaser/p2-physics-bodies
  13. Loon Ride - The epic loon game!

    Thanks for the feedback. Levels will definitely receive more thought in the future. The main focus of the game, however, is endless mode. It is much more unique because each loon has a special shooting ability. Did you try endless mode?
  14. We recently released a tool for editing P2 Phyics body polygons called Loon Physics. Check it out here: https://loonride.com/physics Read a tutorial about P2 Physics bodies and Loon Physics here: https://loonride.com/learn/phaser/p2-physics-bodies Do you find Loon Physics useful? Do you encounter any bugs when using the tool? Any suggestions?