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  1. Wow you have some great sounding stuff there!
  2. Thank you squilibob, I'll give that a try.
  3. I have an image which faces upwards. In my create() event, when I load it into a player sprite the image still points upwards but the player's rotation is at 0, i.e. pointing right. So there's a difference of 90 degrees between the sprite and the image. In my create event, what's the best way to sync-up the player rotation and the image rotation so that the sprite faces up the screen too? Thanks for advice - phaser noob but really enjoying it.
  4. I hit a fps problem using firefox under Linux Mint on an old laptop. Using the game would run incredibly slowly (I guess because it tried to use WebGL) but if I specified Phaser.Canvas it ran at full speed. Found it a bit frustrating that the "AUTO" option wouldn't detect the best performance automatically.