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  1. Hello! I'm here to share my new weekend project. Remake Asteroids with HTML canvas. I documented the process, if you'd like to see, check it out on github
  2. Yeah! Thanks a lot for the feedback! Actually It's 16h so far. I'm sparing the final 8h to fix the bugs and I'm done. I added both issues to my list and I want to fix them Friday.
  3. Hey Guys! I'd appreciate some feedback in my new game. Would you mind playing a little?
  4. Thanks! Do you know somewhere I can host the game for that?
  5. Man, I'd need somewere other than gh-pages to host the game with online multiplayer
  6. Hello guys, I'm new to game development and I started making some games in HTML canvas as a hobby. Can you guys give me some feedback? If you like to see the development process, check it out on github.