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  1. Thanks all! The golden rule on webgames' rules seems to be able to play without instructions, I agree That said, you may still may want to write: Board game rules, e.g. Sudoku guide how to solve sudoku, also on a paper A game design, e.g. I wrote Super Tic Tac Toe rules before coding the game Background story, e.g. how I used Tic Tac Toe logic as an example to learn some gaming AI Use webgame as an utility, e.g. how to learn Clave rhythm by playing an online game SEO, the links above and the linked pages repeat the same keywords which is good for SEO As you can see, I'm purely a game hobbyist and will never ever try to make a hit game, so maybe I can stretch the golden rule a little... This video has some tips.
  2. Please share examples of well-written game instructions. Don't be shy to promote your games
  3. Now after five years, I finally made it: The perfect layout for my webgames, behold! Sudoku guide and solving techniques I'm way too shy
  4. My first contact with Phaser 3 was great! Unlike previous versions, Phaser 3 seems to have just one way to do my usual things - which gives me confidence that I'm also coding it the right way. That way I can focus on my own stuff without thinking so much what will be supported in the future. The size of phaser.min.js got me a bit alerted at first, but it seems to load in 100 ms even on the first time so that's not something to worry about. I started with a simple game: Clave rhythm in a minute
  5. I made my first trials with phaser3. It's awesome! Especially flat display list with multiple Scenes and cameras make my code much cleaner. I think Phaser3 is quite complete already to make games, but what I still really miss is some kind of container...
  6. Solve Sudoku Techniques - FAST! Solve Sudoku in one minute Solve 80 % of Sudokus in 3 minutes Solve hard Sudokus in 5 minutes PLAY: Solve Sudoku Techniques - FAST! WHY: To learn Sudoku techniques in order to solve those hard Sudoku puzzles in your favorite newspapers. The most important lesson I learned is to really focus on your game. As a hobbyist, it took two years to complete this game and especially mobile has been an issue until these days. I have had my time with native Android SDK, PhoneGap, Cordova and even with Chrome extensions... but now after two years only thing that matters is a (good) game with HTML5, Phaser and Android webview.
  7. A couple of tips still... Avoid slide effects: I replaced all slide effects with simple popup transitions and it looks soo much more slick. Actually I can't see any difference between browser vs. webview on my Android Galaxy Tab A or Honor 8 anymore. Learn Sudoku on Android Learn Sudoku on Web Android 5 is not perfect:The game has got crashes on Android 5.0/5.1 due to webview. I probably need to change minSDK to Android 6.
  8. In Android 5.0 (Lollipop), the WebView has moved to an APK so it can be updated seperately to the Android platform. (WebView for Android) I tested one of my games (Sudoku Tips for Android) on Samsung Galaxy. It seems that finally Android WebView is fast enough for mobile games! That's great news as now you can use your HTML5 skills on mobile apps, wrap your existing HTML5 games easily as Android apps and build mobile games with very small footprint (< 5MB).
  9. Thanks, I like about those too I guess we will have more ways to monetize web games late in 2017. The reason is that big players like Google are betting on progressive web apps and there are new online gaming services such as Rovio's, and there is a real need to monetize online content. While waiting for that I will just make some more games. Btw, you have really nice animations in your games!
  10. Make Photos' Puzzles is a collection of classic picture/photo games (Sliding Tiles and Jigsaw puzzle) and a couple of more experimental game modes (Rolling Tiles and Color / Swatch / Palette puzzle). PLAY LINK: Make Photos' Puzzles WHY: The main idea is that players can make their own puzzles (or photo collections) for other players. That's why the game was named as Make Photos' Puzzles I believe user generated content will be one of the raising trends in gaming due to players really want to be part of something. More details: The game was made with Phaser and web stuff with Jquery mobile, and all the photos come now from It has taken about one thousand hours and three iterations to make this game. The most important lesson I learned while making this game was that before you make a single line of code you really need to make sure and write down WHY.
  11. I read frequently this forum and also Reddit/WebGames to find out new games. But actually you can't find anything on Reddit (due to its UI) so I made a simple client to browse for Great Web Games.
  12. Mobile store games are really getting awkward due to freemium model. I have lost my interest in mobile store games and I think that masses will follow. That's unfortunate. I bet that year 2017 will be big for HTML5 games, but I wish they are not designed just for in-app purchases. Not every game needs to feel like a slot machine.
  13. Fatalist, and others you mentioned are perfect examples how to make a difference. Thanks!
  14. That's a wonderful concept with great games! I guess that adding some kind of common avatar could bind the games together even better. For example my kid likes to play minigames where there is Pou starring, but when I have tried to give her exactly the same game but without Pou she won't even try to play it.