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  1. MackeyK24

    Using the GearVR controllers

    Thanks @HoloLite ... I say the Zero To Here. But thought was for the whole HTC WebVR which i thought used a differnet API than trying to do GearVR I couldn't tell what is for what... WebVR, GearVR, VRDeviceOriented... I just make out what is what. And no one has made any training outlining what you have do to make each of these type of games... Start to finish. I spent SOOOOO much time making the toolkit, i never get to play with actually making mobile or vr type games. I tell you... When i finally figure out how to actually do all things. i will build Mechanics for these type games right into the toolkit and i make courses showing how to actually do all this stuff using toolkit... From Start To Finish
  2. Well if your goal is to run native unity content. Then the Babylon Toolkit is NOT what you need. I made the Babylon Toolkit as a dedicated game development tool for babylon.js. It was NOT intended to be a Magic Unity Content Converter. So if your making a C# game and for some reason wanna EXPORT that unity designed content to babylon json file. Again... Babylon Toolkit is NOT for that. The toolkit is designed for us Babylon.js developers to use the Fancy Game Editor to put together our babylon scenes, i made script components so we can attach our babylon scripts to our game objects. So really its designed to be game editor, disabling all unity runtime functionality... All we want is the Editor Tools so we can make our games using the same modern Game Editor Style development. With that being said... The exporter goes in and grabs VERY DETAILED EXPORT METADATA so it may have the appearance that its a Unity Game Converter. But its not. The very first version of the toolkit just basically exported very basic static scene content. All of the real functionality is provided by the Babylon Toolkit Scene Manager. The toolkit is really just a fancy exporter that prepares enhanced metadata the Scene Manager uses to give that Unity-Like scene component life cycle and all the Unity-Like Game mechanics, Shader Materials, Etc... So again, if running C# Unity Scene content in the native C# Game viewer is your goal. Then the Babylon Toolkit is NOT the tool you want. If you want to make games from scratch (using art assets from unity) with typescript and babylon.js and use the Unity Game Editor as your Babylon Game Editor to ease the experience of creating Babylon.js games... Then the Toolkit it for you Hook up with me and do a gotomeeting and we see if we can get you going Note: I just downloaded and tried the latest 2018.1.6 and it works fine. Hope that clears things up a bit
  3. Wow... can’t say then. But if you like we can do a GotoMeeting and I can take at look at what’s going on. Other than that, I can’t call it... the toolkit works fine ... I use it everyday
  4. MackeyK24

    Using the GearVR controllers

    That’s it ... Kool But I still would love to see some starting point. Something explaining the basics. Something to explain control, something to explain movement. I see tons of different WebVR Cameras and controllers but nothing real specific on how to use them. I have never done any kind of VR app or game so I don’t know the ins and outs of WebVR in BabylonJS. i guess I am looking for some kind of walkthrough for VR and BabylonJS
  5. MackeyK24

    Using the GearVR controllers

    Where are guys getting this to make gear V games in Babylon js. all I see is webvr camera here and there and a gear controller. But see nothing how to actually build and package and deploy... and most of all how to run it in a gear vr or occulus go device... or or is it just me not finding it 😒
  6. If possible, can you package up and send me the scene. it seems when running the regular unity game with toolkit it causes errors... those are unity errors and I would like to if I can handle those more gracefully... why you get them now... well I am in the process of submitting the toolkit to the unity asset store. There are guidelines to be accepted. So the toolkit meets the guidelines I do not automatically attach to the main unity play button just cause you have the toolkit in your project. So under Toolkit Exportation Options ... you must enable that feature... that feature is just a shortcut to the build and preview button.
  7. MackeyK24

    GearVR and Occulus Go

    Yo @davrous and @Deltakosh I can’t seem to find specifics on targeting Samsung Gear VR and occulus go... I know there is webvr camera with some general api stuff. But I am interested in specific gear Vr apps... how do I make and package using Babylon js
  8. MackeyK24

    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    Yo @Deltakosh I can’t really tell from this thread. Do we officially support Augmented Reality. If so how to use. I see a guy made some kind of app creator but I am interested in support for this as an option for the toolkit.
  9. You must enable the Attach unity editor checkbox to override the unity play button to do a build and preview... as far not building... I can’t say what your problem is.... looks like you don’t have the Babylon/sources folder
  10. MackeyK24

    Navigating while animating

    Yo @Spankied .. BTW... If your guy is facing the wrong way... Try -Math.atan2 Hope the updated code above works for ya
  11. MackeyK24

    Navigating while animating

    Yo @Spankied ... I dont think you need to use LookAt... Again that does rotation on all Axis... I think you you can just rotate (turn) with the rotation alpha from direction. Try something like this: let navpoint:BABYLON.Vector3 = GetCurrentNavPointFromPaths(); let navposition:BABYLON.Vector3 = navpoint.subtract(collisionMesh.position); let navdirection:BABYLON.Vector3 = navposition.normalize(); let navrotation:number = Math.atan2(navdirection.x, navdirection.z); collisionMesh.rotationQuaternion = BABYLON.Quaternion.RotationYawPitchRoll(navrotation, 0, 0); collisionMesh.moveWithCollisions(navdirection.scale(movementSpeed)); You can optimize of course using the "ToRef" versions of the API functions. UPDATE I tested this with nav points in front, behind and above the collisionMesh... Keeps the collisionMesh from Pitching and Rolling... And it does rotate toward then moves with collisions to the nav point. Seems to work for me
  12. MackeyK24

    Navigating while animating

    No problem, glad to help 😀
  13. MackeyK24

    Navigating while animating

    Using the pattern COLLIDER IS KING ... The mesh containing the skeleton has NOTHING to do with the actual position of the PARENT COLLIDER that you should moving between nav points. Make a BoxMesh. Set: collisionMesh.checkCollision = true; collisionMesh.visibility = 0.0; dude.parent = collisionMesh; /// MOVE THE COLLISION MESH BETWEEN WAYS POINTS Normalize the position to get direction vector. collisionMesh.moveWithCollision(directionVector.scale(movementSpeed)) Now for the CHILD DUDE MESH... HE NEVER MOVES HIS POSITION... HE JUST ALONG FOR THE RIDE... While riding he can play (IN-PLACE) animations... Now I dont really use beginAnimation to play skeletal animations... I need full control over bones, layers, blending etc... So I use my BABYLON.AnimationState component to set the state of what I want my guy to do... So while moving in between animations... If always MOVING.... Before I start the guy on the waypoints... I would do something like in a Scene Component: let animator = this.getComponent("BABYLON.AnimationState"); if (animator)"Walk"); But you could always us beginAnimation for simple skeleton animation. scene.beginAnimation(...) on your dude skeleton and he just play his walk animation while the parent collision mesh is actually moving around... One has nothing to do with the other (as far as not being able to move the parent with an animation and play a walk animation on the child dude mesh at the same time)
  14. MackeyK24

    Navigating while animating

    The navmesh. Yes project.js will bring in all required libs NOT already loaded, including navmesh. Unfortunatly the navmesh is acting funny on the playground so I can’t show you any examples on the playground yet. @Deltakosh and I are working on it. Hopefully we can get that issue fixed soon. So for now, you gotta use a full toolkit project to play with navigation
  15. MackeyK24

    Navigating while animating

    First the video, well I haven’t made yet. I’m still cleaning up a few things to make projects easy to use anywhere, like the playground. I am also trying to find something good to make as a getting started project. Like the roller bal or some kind of basket shooter. Something good but not to complicated as your first toolkit project. The many refer to unity links. I made the toolkit work off the native unity workflows and properties... They get serialized as metadata. So you use a toolkit editor feature EXACTLY like you would if making a native unity game, except for Components. We don’t support unity components but we have a growing set of Babylon components for our projects. So for example, animation controllers. You would setup an animation controller in unity editor, nothing different you do for a Babylon project as far as the setup. You have to be familiar with unity mechanim to really get most out it. Whatever you setup, the toolkit parse out and that metadata to re-implement that functionality in the BabylonJS client side code. So everywhere it says refer to unity docs for that feature, well you gotta go look how unity does it. Once you get unity doing it and you export the toolkit takes over serializing detailed export content. Anyways, my point being, you gotta get to know the unity editor a bit. For the toolkit, that’s you life blood, your main game development environment. I do EVERYTHING in the toolkit (or via a toolkit VSCode project. I even use the toolkit to make the toolkit. Talk about the chicken and the egg 😳 The toolkit in one screen and a VSCode toolkit project in another screen are my main game development workflow tools