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  1. Babylon Texture Normal Map Tiling

    Should be... the scene file has proper values for BOTH textures now I am still having issues with the latest 3.1 beta REALLY slowing my scenes down that are using cannon... I cannot figure out what changed and why this is happening... All I know is that using the Alpha version which is in toolkit... I made the space shooter demo... if I simply replace the babylon.js with the current 3.1 beta EVERYTHING having to do physics SLOWS DOWN... All the asteroids and laser shots and every I move around with setLinearVelocity is just DOG SLOW... I can pin point what the issue is BUT IS REALLY SLOW... I know that pretty generic... I cant repo in playground because it was a whole game already ... All I can do is make available the FINISHED BUILD project folder with all scene assets an script code... So I just been waiting to hope it just GETS FIXED But when ever it does, I have plenty more fixes for Terrains and a a few project build fixes for faster export/builds the the toolkit 3.1 Beta Release Yeah look at all those smiley faces
  2. Babylon Texture Normal Map Tiling

    Yo @dsman I fixed this in 3.1 beta ... but for now in SceneBuilder.Materials for both standard and pbr after setting the normal texture: DumpStandardMaterial() AFTER // Normal map bMat.bumpTexture = DumpTextureFromMaterial(material, "_BumpMap"); if (bMat.bumpTexture != null && material.HasProperty("_BumpScale")) { bMat.bumpTexture.level = material.GetFloat("_BumpScale"); } ADD THIS if (bMat.diffuseTexture != null && bMat.bumpTexture != null) { bMat.bumpTexture.uScale = bMat.diffuseTexture.uScale; bMat.bumpTexture.vScale = bMat.diffuseTexture.vScale; bMat.bumpTexture.uOffset = bMat.diffuseTexture.uOffset; bMat.bumpTexture.vOffset = bMat.diffuseTexture.vOffset; } DumpPBRMaterial() AFTER // Normal babylonPbrMaterial.bumpTexture = DumpTextureFromMaterial(material, "_BumpMap"); if (babylonPbrMaterial.bumpTexture != null && material.HasProperty("_BumpScale")) { babylonPbrMaterial.bumpTexture.level = material.GetFloat("_BumpScale"); } ADD THIS if (babylonPbrMaterial.albedoTexture != null && babylonPbrMaterial.bumpTexture != null) { babylonPbrMaterial.bumpTexture.uScale = babylonPbrMaterial.albedoTexture.uScale; babylonPbrMaterial.bumpTexture.vScale = babylonPbrMaterial.albedoTexture.vScale; babylonPbrMaterial.bumpTexture.uOffset = babylonPbrMaterial.albedoTexture.uOffset; babylonPbrMaterial.bumpTexture.vOffset = babylonPbrMaterial.albedoTexture.vOffset; }
  3. @dsman wrote: Once again thanks for creating Unity Toolkit, it is so much helpful for our startup. There are few issues. If you can point out where to fix probably we can contribute to toolkit as well. When we apply a PBRMetalicRoughness Babylon material (Material drop-down -> BabylonJS -> PBRMetalicRoughness) to any surface and then export the scene, the uv tiling is different for both basic albedo texture and Bump Map (Normal map in Unity). If we have 10x 10 tiling for main albedo texture, the bump map is applied at 1x1. Surprisingly it didn't happen in on another mesh with tiled albedo.
  4. BabylonJS Toolkit: Space Shooter Demo

    Baked in Unity and exported via Lightmap Texture
  5. BabylonJS Toolkit: Space Shooter Demo

    Terrains are funky in that version... With that being said, still should compile. Make sure you have applied at least one texture to your terrain.
  6. BabylonJS Toolkit: Space Shooter Demo

    Btw... My new 3.1 Beta I am working on (waiting for 3.1 beta performance issues to get fixed) now supports splatmaps. I could not really get Texture Atlas going smoothly with all mipmap levels... So the amount of terrain textures (with is matching normal map) is limit to a total of 6. So you can splat up terrains with tp 6 different textures and each texture can have its own matching normal map. This also limits terrains to ONLY support devices to MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS >= 16. If is is not it will only render the base texture for whole terrain. Here is a beautiful shot with 6 separate texture used for splatting the terrain: Including baked shadows on the terrain
  7. BabylonJS Toolkit: Space Shooter Demo

    Disable 'Auto-Generate' on the Unity Lighting Panel... Then you must Manually click 'Generate Lighting' before your main build. Unless you are debgging the actual toolkit C# code for some reason or your are creating custom C# unity functionality of your own to add to Export process... there should be NO NEED to debug C# code at all... You are NOT making ANY KIND of Unity C# game or project... The C# code that the toolkit uses is to EXPORT data from game objects in the current scene. There SHOULD BE NO RUNNING of any C# code (Beside what the Editor does to prepare babylon scene content).. Again... unless you are debugging some custom code that runs in the editor at design time (which is only relevant if it is doing something to do with preparing game objects in the current scene that are to be exported) OR you are debugging the toolkit api itself... In which case simply add reference to FreeImageNet.dll located in the /Assets/Babylon/Plugin/Utilities folder Dunno here, except to say that does not look like a good terrain in the picture, also the Alpha Version you 3.1.044 has issues with the terrain shader, it still should compile, but I not finish working on terrain ... there are a couple of features that still need work, they are listed in the original announcement for the toolkit ... my latest version (which you dont have yet... 3.1 beta is not working with toolkit yet... for some reason 3.1 beta SLOWS DOWN when using cannon... once that issue is fixed I will release a 3.1 beta... unity then the toolkit still uses 3.1 alpha)
  8. BabylonJS Toolkit: Space Shooter Demo

    What is module.js and what is bootstrap_node.js... If that is from typescript... Try and make sure on an updated version of typescript Get new Node.js update first (to update the node and npm) Configure optional Runtime Script Compiler locations. You can download and install or update the current Node Runtime to the default location. Then use node package manager to install or update the latest TypeScript Compiler to the default location. Install TypeScript Command Mac OSX: sudo npm install -g typescript Windows: npm install -g typescript ALSO... DONT PUT ANY .JS in the assets folder of your unity game project... if you need to package raw javascript in the game project assets folder... RENAME .js to .bjs ... The toolkit will then include the .bjs file into the main project.babylon.js.
  9. BabylonJS Editor Toolkit - Version 3.1 Alpha

    We dont actually ANY native UNITY code or shaders (ONLY raw assets like textures and sounds). The exporter actually goes thru ALL game objects in the scene and "EXPORTS" out support features. For example Materials... We actually read out the unity material properties and use those values to populate Babylon.Entities (the scene file) then the scene file is serialized as your .babylon scene file in your Game project output folder. Its way more detailed than that for pretty much all the major systems... Check the 'Source' for th C# code as to whats its actually dumping out of unity and RE-CREATING in babylon ... the best I can
  10. BabylonJS Toolkit: Space Shooter Demo

    Check the docs... that should get up and running ... Getting Started show how to setup projects... from then on its just like using regular unity Text me @MrVR ... We can go over it
  11. Convert Image To Tileable Texture

    Yo @NasimiAsl What babylon texture sampling mode you use for this ???
  12. Convert Image To Tileable Texture

    I dont have photoshop... But if I understand correctly you just put the 512 image 9 times in a 3 x 3 then crop the center (512 x 2 = 1024) then rescale the 1024 version that has the center and all the pieces of the edges back down to 512 ... Is that about right ???
  13. Yo @NasimiAsl ... You have a few previous post regarding Tiling Into Texture Atlas... Can you please explain the process of making this tillable image: Are the images scaled or something... I dont get how to crop the center... If the base image is 512 x 512 and you make 3 x 3 copy and crop the center 512 x 512 ... Wont you end up with same exact 512 x 512 image your started with ???
  14. BabylonJS Editor Toolkit - Version 3.1 Alpha

    Sorry I dont do individual reflection probes yet
  15. BabylonJS Editor Toolkit - Version 3.1 Alpha

    Dunno... package up and send me the scene I will take a look at it for you The GLOBAL Scene Reflections are controlled via the Standard Unity Skybox System. Are you using skybox ??? I will try make a quick little skybox video. But let me know of you are already using a skybox and its still not working ???