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  1. Yo @Deltakosh I see your samples now using this new BABYLON.GUI stuff. What is the main reasons for using this babylon gui vs using regular html markup for NON-3D guis, like huds etc. I can see when you need to attach some 2D gui to a 3D Object in the scene. But if is just SCREEN OVERLAY stuff like sliders and buttons and text... What advantage does BABYLON.Gui have over regular HTML markup ???
  2. Animation weights

    A demo with run animation (we are still working on the timing) :
  3. Animation weights

    Yo @Deltakosh ... I think the changes were in that last "Impoved Deep Copy" commit... Now I DONT get T-POSE and I have 18 bendable animation tree branches load (but I am only playing IDLE in this screenshot)... But it is only costing me 1MS ... The scene without the animatied character is 1MS .. for a total of 2MS
  4. Animation weights

    Sweet... cant wait for the next commit.... Thanks @Deltakosh ... You da man
  5. SceneLoader.Load Filename

    Yeah i know i can do that... but then i will only be able to get the scene Filename from a Scene that i actually serialize with the scene filename. But that might be how i have to go about it, and just use"unknown.babylon" for scene files that i do not create Would be sweet if the scene had a scene.filename or something that contained the filename of the first scene loaded via SceneLoader.Load and NOT SceneLoader.ImportMeshes
  6. SceneLoader.Load Filename

    What the best way to get the filename of the scene that was loaded... Not the scene.database.currentSceneUrl but the actual "sceneFilename" that get passed to the SceneLoader.Load(). It get used ALOT internally in babylon.SceneLoader but the engine actually STORES the sceneFilename. yo @Deltakosh do you think we can store the sceneFilename from the SceneLoader.Load() on the scene and expose some kind of scene.filename property ... Not the ImportMeshes, but just the main SCENE LOAD FILENAME
  7. Latest 3.2 Alpha B and C PBR Errors

    Check the actual scene out (with Babylon.max.js) Mackey Test Scene You can also Press FORWARD on keyboard or gamepad to see the T-POSE problem from blending with beginWeightedAnimation. Note Only the IDLE and FORWARD walk animations are hooked up for now in this tester
  8. Animation weights

    Yo @Deltakosh I need some advice.... Using the new animation weight system from a Unity Controller Blend Tree... Often each BlendTree may have up to 16 or more BlendTree Branches (The bendable animations that I loop thru calling scene.beginWeightedAnimation). Now that thechnically starts running all 16 or more animations. The first one has a full weight of 1.0 and the other fifteen are at ZERO. Then in the game loop I would loop thru the returned BABYLON.IAnimatable[] array and change each weight according to which ones should actually be contributing a weight GREATER than ZERO. I cant see how that would be no more than 2 or 3 animations out of the 16 that actually get used depending on your input values... Like gamepad stick forward. Should I: A... Just load all 16 or more animations for blending and just live with the performance cost of the dozen or more animations that are not getting used (at least for that update frame check) but actually still playing the animation as far as the engine is concerned. B... Figure out which few of the 16 animations SHOULD be contributing on that frame and if those animations are NOT currently playing... call scene.beginWeightAnimation from that frame update with ONLY the few animations that should be contributing. But this too has a performance cost as well . Especially if the user is doing ALOT of gamepad stick movement. Could be calling beginWeightAnimation every few frames. C... Load all 16 by calling scene.beginWeightedAnimation. Then immediately STOP all of them. Then in the frame update figure out what ones should contribute weight, assign the weights accordingly and then figure out what frame we should be on and then each animatable.goToFrame (so timing still in sync) and finally animatable.restart on the ones that SHOULD be contributing. I dont know about what kind of performance cost constantly STOPPING and RESTART the weighted animations that should be contributing VS Loading them all and just changing the weights on 16 currently blendable playing animations VS constantly scene.beginWeightAnimation with only the few animations that should contribute on that frame. What do you think ??? Do have any other suggestions on how to handle this ???
  9. Cloning Source Is Null In Latest Build

    Yo @Deltakosh OR ANYONE ELSE really... Please check this playground. I simply clone the sphere and dump the cloned source to console log. So please run the playground then inspect the javascript console and you will see the cloned sphere source is null
  10. I dont know exactly what version this changed in, but there must have been someone MUST have been working on cloning. But now my cloned mesh.source = null. This code: mesh = prefab.clone(cloneName, newParent, false, false); It DOES clone the mesh and all its children BUT ... ALL the clones mesh.source is NULL
  11. Latest 3.2 Alpha B and C PBR Errors

    Here is console dump txt file localhost-1520899020672.txt
  12. Latest 3.2 Alpha B and C PBR Errors

    Yo @Deltakosh you got any idea what going with PBR in the latest 3.2 alpha B and C. I am getting the error listed above ONLY with PBR now. But 3.2 Alpha A works great Any clues ???
  13. Latest 3.2 Alpha B and C PBR Errors

    I just pulled about an hour agi to get the new animation weight stuff. I will try tomorrow and see if PBR issues arr fixed.. Is anybody else getting this error with PBR using this lastet 3.2 alpha c build
  14. Animation weights

    Very Freakin Kool. Thanks sooooooooooooo much @Deltakosh
  15. Animation weights

    Yes and no... You can BLEND similar animations like your ground locomotions. This blend ALL the bones and play weighted animations on ALL the bones. Our next setup would be to create some kind of BONE MASKING system we could them implement LAYERS so you play then base animations and blend in the TOP HALF of body masked of and play either a blend or a total weight of 1.0 to top half of body bones. IE ... Walk or running while swinging a sword or shooting weapon. This is how unity does it and how i will capturing the Animation Controller Layers as metadata and not only blend the ground locomotion animation but also apply any LAYER animations that should be running based on the Animation State Machine. Exactly how unity does it. That way you can use the Unity Editor to setup all the animations (or use existing animation controllers from the asset store something). At least that is my goal for the babylon toolkit