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  1. MackeyK24

    Demo with Ammo.js Physics Engine

    Man ... I don’t really have time to figure out the whole would stepping and updating all the positions enough where I would be confident that it’s working right. But those guys over at PlayCanvas got a pretty smooth implementation of ammo.js So I know we can do it
  2. MackeyK24

    Demo with Ammo.js Physics Engine

    Checking back again...I was hoping someone would take this on. Any info from anybody here ?
  3. MackeyK24

    Limit Virtrual Joystick Area To Bottom

    I am using the Built In Virtual Joystick that @davrous created. Still DONT have any anchor support... Its kinda hard to use to actually play a game because the joystick appear on the screen wherever you touch... as apposed to being anchored to the bottom corners of the device. So any help you can make would be great... Let me know when you get your new joystick up and running or maybe just up for testing
  4. MackeyK24

    Test GLTF Animations

    Thats what i dont get... I have the code working to skin and joints and weights... what i dont understand is at WHAT POINT and WHERE would i encode the bones and what node... Do i get the Skeleton first then iterate all the bones... and if so, what am i attaching to... or do i just check each node and see if it is a bone of skeleton, also what am i attaching to in gltf... And most import... HOW DO ACTUALLY code all the tangent in out stuff... like i think it input/time and output/value or something like that. Could you please just thru some code (or even pseudo code) on actually encoding a skeleton... Dude it just me... Not fully getting the GLTF spec for encoding a skeleton... but if i just saw some code doing it... i can say OH...thats what going on... and take it from there
  5. MackeyK24

    Test GLTF Animations

    It would be great to see some code on how to build the animation and assign to bone or joint. As you saw I can bake key frames... I see how Sketchfab is doing a regular transform animation... but how do iterate the bones making glTF animations with my bone info... if I can see some code actually building the animation... I can probably figure out how to use my animation data using that sample as a guide
  6. MackeyK24

    Test GLTF Animations

    Nope... just trying to get the UNDERLYING Skeletal Animation into GLTF Format
  7. MackeyK24

    Share My GLTF Vision

    Hey Guys... Watch this video... See where i wanna go with the toolkit... Let me know what you all think... AND PLEASE SOMEBODY ... HELP ME A LITTLE BIT WITH THIS VERSION My Vision For A GLTF Based Toolkit Yo @Deltakosh and @bghgary Please watch... I really need you two guys... Delta... If we go this route im gonna need those hooks for GLTF Parsing. And Gary... Need help encoding SKELETAL animations to the GLTF Standard
  8. MackeyK24

    Test GLTF Animations

    Have you seen any of my Babylon Toolkit stuff ???
  9. MackeyK24

    Test GLTF Animations

    I know, but I bake out regular TRS info for each bone and encode the key frames ... I can encode the seperate T R S or like for Babylon I compose into a matrix and serialize a key frames with a path of _matrix This is how I currently export out unity state machines ... with states, transitions, blend trees, avatar masks. .., the whole animator state machine... there are a few of my animation state machine stuff on playground... I also export regular animation clips curves... it all come down to a time and a value ... just like your glTF anim port... I just need to see some code on encoding bone anim into glTF ... I’m afraid I don’t quite understand all ins and outs and accessors enough to pack that stuff into. GlTF animation the same way I did for Babylon Toolkit
  10. MackeyK24

    Test GLTF Animations

    According to an email from Sketchfab Hello, Skeletal / humanoid / avatar animations are not currently supported in the Unity Exporter. We hope to improve this in the future. I'll add your '+1' to this feature request and follow up with any news. James James Green Product Specialist Sketchfab Plans | Store
  11. MackeyK24

    Test GLTF Animations

    Btw... I did manage to get a few things added to my Sketchfab port... added GLB support with internal buffers added all my material fallbacks so any non pbr material gets converted to pbr spec with black and zero glossiness to give a legacy diffuse type fallback not to mention all my unity metadata that I use to make Babylon Toolkit ... including components and scripts... my PlayCanvas glTF importer is parsing out great so far... also including components and scripts... that part is beautiful my my problem is lack of knowledge of glTF animation ... both regular transform and skeletal... I can’t get all my mechanim styles animations I have baked into glTF format ... but I will keep trying 😉
  12. MackeyK24

    Test GLTF Animations

    Yo @bghgary hey bro , I wanna thank you for all your info and code ... this are a bunch of questions I came up with in the middle of the night while trying to tear apart that anim port of unityGltf ... please don’t think I don’t appreciate all your help and info ... cause I do 😊
  13. MackeyK24

    Test GLTF Animations

    Sketchfab exports the skin... not the actual bone animations... it also packs all clips into one single channel set ... merged into one long animation called Take001 i have seen glTF with skeleton animation... just not one in unity ... so I dont know how to encode them into channel sets... I can bake out the animations easy... I already do that for Babylon ... I am using Sketchfab as gospel... cause I don’t know any better and that is what I am using to learn the inner workings of the export
  14. MackeyK24

    Test GLTF Animations

    I just end up porting the SketchFab Version and removing some of the ambient occlusion packing stuff. But is does support skinned meshes.. so it exports JOINTS and WEIGHTS... Is does support Animations... Although it combines all animations as 1 long Take001 animation track... dunno how they plan to track when one animation clip stops and another another start WITHOUT keeping some king of start frame and stop frame Ranges ... But at least is does work. Note... No implementation at all... not a single one (C# Unity Based) that i can find... exports skeletal animations... Dunno why that seems to be missing in everyones C# implementation of GLTF Exportation