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  1. I see that the whole per system has changed in the 3.0 Beta... A few things I noticed (I know its still in beta, but wanted to point things out) ... First there is no lightmapTexture anymore on the new base pbr, metallic or specular materials... This is a must have for baked shadows... right??? ... Maybe its just not that far yet... and serialization and deserialization is not working at all... when trying to serialize get no serialization function for material error and deserialization just does nothing... But to work fine creating from code... Si I guess I'm just letting the big dogs @Deltakosh @Sebavan and @RaananW know about these few issues so far
  2. I would suggest you actually import the resulted FBX into something like Maya... use the maya art tools or something like that to clean up and / or resave with proper skin influences... the use game exporter to just export the mesh and bones.
  3. Just make a regular unity game... set the project type webgl/ html5... then build... use so you know... unity really makes a c++ (via emscripten) port of your game. BabylonJS games are native HTML5 based webgl games... you will see big differences in loading... you have to use their C# unity API to get JavaScript access if you need any native web access to your game... it very klunky... and the worst thing... god forbid you actually get some kind of runtime error in the browser... you will some long C++ emscriptem error... sometimes with no message at all... i and I really don't like the long C++ emscripten runtime compile (not the shader compile) but actually compiling the game code in browser (which fails on my mac most of the time) ... and it uses this big typed array that you define at runtime... say like 1gig ... that your game binary really runs in... In short... you get a much cleaner, faster and richer runtime experience going native JavaScript HTML5 and webgl API ... which BabylonJS wraps up real nicely... but by all means try it out yourself and see 😊
  4. I will put together what i got when i get back to Maui next week... i dont have it with me here in Arizona
  5. When bjs 3.0 in in main dist folder as babylon-3.0.js (or something like that) the new documentation is many pages. I just have not taken the time to learn the markdown syntax for things like tabe of contents and linking files and screen snapshot links etc... i will try get into that after I finished all my verbage
  6. I am actually done with what will be BabylonJS Toolkit 3.0 with the following exceptions. - waiting for Babylon to go 3.0 stable version - waiting for @NasimiAsl to workout the edge seams in my Terrain Builder System ... Tiling into a texture atlas... works now but still see edge seams far away... still needs attention from @NasimiAsl - waiting for @Sebavan to create a typescript class called LDRCubeTexture that works like HDRCubeTexture except with already tone mapped pixels ... using my ne HDR Tone Mapper tool available in new toolkit version and last but not least... Documentation for the new version... which I am working on... almost got all the verbage done but I had to go to Arizona for spine surgery (although my hands and fingers was problem, they fix in spine) i shoulb be back in Maui within a week... then I'll finish up docs. As far as code contributions... Only the 2 outstanding issues: @NasimiAsl is working on Texture Atlas Tiling for my Terrain Builder System and @Sebavan is working on LDRCubeTexture (he waiting for me to finish docs before he will give me that code) I already have all the version 3 code done... If anything... I will need a little help in taking my text files I wrote for the documentation and better format all that text into the Babylon markdown files... example... I don't know how to do the page links, URL links and table of contents... so for now I just outline format all the documentation in text files... Note: I was gonna beg @Deltakosh to help me out by formatting all the documentation text with all the markdown stuff so the docs look more like the existing documentation site pages. So @MrVR things will ready soon, and I will shoot you the latest beta i of the toolkit so you can get back up to speed especially using new Art Tools, like the mesh optimizer... so you can optimize entire unity scene geometry... you can now make the whole candy land scene with a total of 4 draw calls... 1 draw call for skybox 1 draw call for fully splatter terrain using texture atlas and 2 draw calls for all the geometry and textures for the entire candy land props using static mesh layers and texture atlas I will be back soon 😊
  7. Maybe really simple question that I am just overlooking. But... how do you set app to 90 frames per second... I don't see an option on the engine... or am I overlooking again. 😊
  8. Count me in to help... @NasimiAsl already is down to help... plus it would be much better to bring what you have done already with BabylonHx up to par than to start over. Just let us know how we can help ... Btw... Glad to have you back @gamestudiohx ... not that ever really left 😋
  9. Yo @NasimiAsl have you seen that ts2hx project... maybe we can make use of that project to start porting Babylon typescript files to haxe files... no longer maintained, but it might be a great starting point
  10. That works for me as soon as I get back to Maui... I'm stuck on bed rest in Arizona at my moms house... I just had spine surgery and I gotta wait 2 more weeks before my doc will clear me to fly home. I only have my iPad here and can't do shit... I am so freakin bored without my pewter 😩
  11. Dude, I will be glad to help revive this in anyway I can... just let me know
  12. Thanks @Dad72 for clearing up... Btw... I got much respect for @NasimiAsl he is the shader guru 👍
  13. I wasn't trying to be a dick or anything... I luv BabylonJS... and really liked the BabylonHx concept... I realize it can't be maintained in haxe anymore... not trying to put anyone down or anything... again... just sorry to see it go. i did not mean to offend anyone 😊
  14. So you don't like something I said... sorry I guess... i realize not easy to convert to haxe... but it was a really kool project... BabylonHx... sorry to to see it go that's all... sorry so confused... must be language difference... cause I don't get it... are you mad at something I said
  15. Sorry... don't quite understand what you mean... you want me to unlike something ? or are you saying it is to convert ? Lost in translation perhaps 😊