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  1. Game Developer

    can I get name of the company (PM). Thanks
  2. I would like to see your hand-made ads but on those 3 sites I don't see it? My opinion is that you have really nice and good game. I like it. I believe you will be successful with it. I don't understand some people here- they are complain about game graphics. Come on guys, graphic in this game is OK. I see here a lot of games with, well, let's say poor graphics. From my opinion only http://www.okijin.com/ games has "wow" graphics. So for this game you should focus on monetisation channels.
  3. Hi, My new game PirateRiddle is available for licensing for both exclusive or non-exclusive licenses. Technical details Programming language: haxe/openFL Release target: html5(js)desktop & mobile, Android, iOs, Desktop (Windows, Linux,Mac) Multilingual: English, German, Spanish.... Possibility to easy extend localisation via XML Levels/categories: extendable via XML You can play it here: http://pirateriddle.dfabrik.cz/ If you're interested please contact me here or directly on coffeebreak.interactive@gmail.com Regards Dfabrik team
  4. Well, I've just read your first blog post and I have question for you: how you, god damn, steal all of my ideas? The text sound like I wrote it. :-) Last year I was working in big game company and I decide: it's not for me. I didn't enjoy in work and it should be fun when you decide to make the games. So I have the plan, and you wrote it :-). Long time ago, when I start with this (programming), the main goal was-to make the game. Today, I can build any type of game but I have no (clear) idea how to sell it (or how to earn money for living). I'm from Eastern Europe too and my goal is also 100$ per day. I also focus on html5 games, use haxe/openFl as main language with my own framework for fast game build. Earning money from my own games is not idea about money, it's idea about freedom. If I can earn money from my games, I can be in that 100%. Now, I must do some another stuff for living. I'll keep track your blog and I hope both if us will be successful. :-)
  5. I would like to discuss about this also. I have 2 games (html5) and I'm in doubt should I start with some kind of sponsorship or try something else. I would like to know are the web ads recommended or players rather avoid that kind of websites.
  6. Well, when I said -to build it- I was thinking- I'll code it. I'm also game developer. :-)
  7. Congratulations. Game looks really good. I like the graphics. I was wondering do you use any physics for the wheel spinning effect or just simple animation? These days I also thinking to build something like this (with poor graphics unfortunately :-()
  8. Photoshop as Game Editor

    yes, definitely it's great tool. I have something similar as you (without live editing) but I use Flash as "stage editor".