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  1. gonzos

    JiggyPuzzle-my new game

    Hi, I would like to show you my new game JiggyPuzzle. This game is also ready for licencing-exclusive and non-exclusive Features - 6 categories x20 images - possibility to upload custom images - possibilityto load images with different URL - save progress (game use http://www.shephertz.com/ service) - lock/unlock categories/features - multilingual (en, nl, tr, es) - external settings (XML)-possibility to add more categories etc. - responsive - 1920x1080 assets - desktop and mobile version on demand http://www.coffeebreakplayground.com/coffeegames/jigsaw/
  2. gonzos

    Talking Tom Christmas Time

    can't load (autorska prava?)
  3. Well, for me JS has is almost same syntax as AS3. At least, both are ECMAScript based.
  4. gonzos

    Gamedistribution.com offers revenue share!

    their support is excellent, I always get very fast response.
  5. gonzos

    [Phaser] Pirates! - the match 3

    I just talking from my experience.This is what I get in email what they need. "- full responsive games for both orientations (playable in portrait as well as landscape) with a dynamic UI that adapts to the orientation" Anyway, I play your game on my Huawei Android and I get grey bar bottom.
  6. gonzos

    [Phaser] Pirates! - the match 3

    Your game doesn't work on landscape mode and in portrait mode you have grey bar bottom. As I know Famobi (and others publishers) wants this feature - to work on Portrait and Landscape mode in mobile browsers.
  7. gonzos

    [Phaser] Pirates! - the match 3

    Really nice game. I like it. Graphic is awesome. But I'm still wondering: how can you get Famobi licence if you don't met some of them criteria for the games?
  8. HelloweenParty game is available for licencing in next few days. you can play it here: test.dfabrik.cz/halloween/
  9. gonzos

    Is Pixi GameEngine

    well, I'll stick with tool and renderer.
  10. gonzos

    Is Pixi GameEngine

    I agree with you but sometimes I must explain it to the people during interview (I can't help to myself :-) ). Maybe it's reason why I got a lot of -REJECTED- emails ;-).
  11. gonzos

    Is Pixi GameEngine

    I'm wondering is Pixi Game Engine or Framework? I'm asking this because Companies in their job ads always refer Pixi as a GameEngine. My opinion is: it's framework and I always have problems with interview trying to convince other side: "come on guys, It's not Game Engine it's framework :-)" Thanks
  12. Hi, I have 4 "connect 3" style games for licencing. Technical details: Programming language: haxe/openFL Release target: html5(js)desktop & mobile, Android, iOs, Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac) Graphics: HD (1920x1080) Multilingual: English... Possibility to easy extend localisation via XML Levels/categories: extendable via XML Orientation: Portrait and Landscape (mobile Web only) http://test.dfabrik.cz/gemsconnect/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/wordcrush/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/digitcrush/ http://test.dfabrik.cz/swatchline/ If anyone interested can contact me on PM or via email: coffeebreak.interactive[at]gmail[dot]com
  13. gonzos

    html5 developer casino games

    Check PM.
  14. gonzos

    HTML 5 Game Santa Game Wanted

    I already have 3 games on PlayStore. I can convert it for you to html5. The games can be customised. You can contact me for more information. Thanks.