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  1. I was thinking about that solution before, but I have one big file and only few small textures, so it wouldn't look rightly I think. So I see two ways: 1) make fake loading progress using setInterval() and variable with logarithmic increase. 2) Change AssetManager to SceneLoader. Thank you very much @Wingnut and @Deltakosh!
  2. Hello, I have a problem with get information how many percent of all mesh/textures were loaded, while I use AssetsManager. I have seen a similar topic, but there SceneLoader is used. Is it possible to get those information about loading progress, while I use AssetsManager?
  3. Hello, I have a problem with anti-aliasing while I am using bright reflection map and fresnel. If I turn off anti-aliasing using "engine: new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, false)," there isn't any white pixels on the edges. But if I turn on anti-aliasing using "engine: new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true)," there are some white, ugly, jagged edges. Is there any command to have more control of strength and quality of anti-aliasing? I tried to set post process using different sampling mode (NEAREST, BILINEAR, TRILINEAR), but only thing I noticed was worse performance. var postProcess = new BABYLON.FxaaPostProcess("fxaa", 1.0, null, null, engine, true); I hope you can help me in this issue. P.S. Thanks for this great framework!