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  1. Hi, @Wingnut at first of all thanks by your interesting answer. The problems relative to specularColor of material and specular light are resolved. The other problem relative to the plane "mon1" that I am using, I consider using a Canvas2d primitive is not the solution because in this case I could only apply a texture so I couldnt see the movement of camera arround the sphere. There isn't any problem to set HTML menu under plane or viewport where sphere appears. If I decide to use viewport maybe I could manage that I want. In this case I only need 2 viewport distributed by the follow way: ******************************** * * * * * Viewport2 * * Viewport1 ***************** * * * * * HTML * * * * ******************************** Do you agree with this example? Moreover, the camera of Viewport2 must be attached to canvas because I don't want to interact there. I am waitting to your answer very interested!
  2. Hi, @jerome @Wingnut I have added a new element to my proyect. However I don't know how can I fix the plane on world when I resize window. If you test it in screen of (1920*1080) resolution, the scene is well. However if you change the window's size, the plane will disappear. I would like to set an unique position over right menu and avoid that plane could move to other place. Moreover, I want to remove specular or diffuse light in this plane so I set the property ( mon1.specularColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0, 0, 0)) but it doesnt work. To make this implementation, I have used the follow example:http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1WROZH#12 Link to my scene: Thanks you very much.
  3. @jerome Could I add label to sps particle with canvas 2D? I need to use BabylonJS 2.6v-alpha or not?¿?¿?
  4. @Nabroski the mesh name is pergolas, it must be at the same height of ground!
  5. @Nabroski mesh buildings have this height because I set them by this way. I am only interested in gangway mesh that I would like to set at the same level of ground. Now I can only adjust origin point of this mesh but not all vertex which are in the base of it. Maybe I think that the solution is to edit this mesh...
  6. @Nabroski yes I have used this method but I need to change the height of all points of mesh to adapt over the ground, it is like set a heightmap to mesh instead of terrain. It is similiar if you have an unique mesh of all trees of your example and later you have to adjust them over the ground. To understand me better please visit my scene.
  7. @jerome ,you know very well my scene Today I have added one element and it is another mesh. I need set all "y" values of mesh to adapt them to the level of ground.
  8. Hi all, Are there any way to set my import mesh (obj) to height of ground? I have done something similar with SPS but in this case I have to do this with differents meshes which have been imported to scene. Thanks!
  9. yes I have made it! Thanks @jerome
  10. Okey @jerome and if you change color of a particle and later you want to reset this value. What is the value by default that had this material of SPS? I think that are1,1,1
  11. Thanks @jerome because of your fast answers. This was that I need it! However with particle of sps I can only change color and I want change material of it. To show the overMouse action I would like to create an halo arround the piece changing emissiveColor property. Do you know how can I do it? Another question is the follow: Are there any control's variable of particle to diferenciate between over or clic? Now I am using "p.picked" only... You can look the progress of application in the same link Thanks!
  12. @jerome @Wingnut Moreover, I need to add overMouse action. I have done it to mesh's box however, I don't know how can I do using SPS. I have read the manual of SPS an there isnt any method related.
  13. YES!! it was that. However I want when I clic outside of tubes, they must recover the material that had before. I dont know the event of unselected this tube...
  14. @jerome yes my SPS isPickable howeber it is under the ground and when I use the method before and it seems that SPS dosnt receive the pickDown event. Try again to this link , now is lighter
  15. Hi @jerome I have working about SPS and I have the next question: 1.- How can I pick a particle of SPS which are under ground? A this moment I cant pick them and I cant rotate the camera when I clic over ground... The code that I am using is the follow: scene.onPointerDown = function(evt, pickResult) { var faceId = pickResult.faceId; var idx = spsTuberias.pickedParticles[faceId].idx; var p = spsTuberias.particles[idx]; p.color.r = 1; p.color.b = 0; p.color.g = 0; spsTuberias.setParticles(); }; 2.- I need to do the same but when cursor is over tube. I use the follow code however, all SPS mesh is selected and I need to do this for each particle. var makeOverOut = function (mesh) { mesh.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.SetValueAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPointerOutTrigger, mesh.material, "emissiveColor", mesh.material.emissiveColor)); mesh.actionManager.registerAction(new BABYLON.SetValueAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.OnPointerOverTrigger, mesh.material, "emissiveColor", BABYLON.Color3.White())); } redTuberias.actionManager = new BABYLON.ActionManager(scene); makeOverOut(redTuberias); You can check here: Thanks!