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  1. Hi @Deltakosh I have tested this code: if (navigator.getVRDisplays) { navigator.getVRDisplays().then(function (displays) { if (displays.length > 0) { vrDisplay = displays[0]; alert(displays[0].displayName); } }); } If I probe this in my gearVR, it shows me SAMSUNG SM-G920F. What must I know to be sure that I need WebVRCamera? The link to import BabylonJS is that:https://cdn.rawgit.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/master/dist/preview release/babylon.js" Maybe is it not the last?
  2. @MrVR this camera only works fine with version 1.0 of API WebVR. The browser of GearVR has 1.1 version of this API so I consider that it is the cause by this doesn't work
  3. After I test all posibilities my conclusion is that the camera which must be used with GearVR is Babylon.WebVRFreeCamera. However, this type of camera doesn't work with version 1.1 of WebVR API. I hope that this could be resolved early.
  4. Ok done!
  5. How can I get a full screen of scene? I am using this function inside "create scene" method and It doesn't work: engine.switchFullscreen(true)
  6. hi @Deltakosh I am loading my scene from samsung browser and WebVR API (v 1.1) is the library used to reproduce VR in this browser. If I test the camera that you said me VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera I can only see over 2d panel (which appears in samsung browser) something like the follow image. Maybe must I code a full screen?? Also if I check this file http://david.blob.core.windows.net/babylonjs/SponzaVR/index.js you can see two declaration of cameras and I dont know what is the chosen camera by GearVR. if (navigator.getVRDisplays) { vrCamera = new BABYLON.WebVRFreeCamera("vrCam", engine.scenes[0].activeCamera.position, engine.scenes[0], false, { trackPosition: true, displayName: "HTC Vive MV", positionScale: 1 }); } else { vrCamera = new BABYLON.VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera("vrCam", engine.scenes[0].activeCamera.position, engine.scenes[0]); } Although, the result with SponzaVR is the same... two divided screen..
  7. I have read in others topics about BabylonsJS and GearVR with webvrfreecamera and it must work fine. Are there any sample to test in my GearVR with Babylon? I hope that some developers know why doesnt it work? @AB95 @Wingnut I also have tested this demo http://david.blob.core.windows.net/babylonjs/SponzaVR/index.html developed by @davrous and when I active VR I can only see two divided screen Thank!
  8. Hi again, I havent still received the bluetooth controller however I have been making somes tests in my GearVR headset with different cameras. @MrVR @dbawel I have used the follow camera: var cameraPosition = new BABYLON.Vector3(600, 200, -500); var camera = new BABYLON.WebVRFreeCamera("camera", cameraPosition, scene); I have activated WebVR API and the result is a white viewport so it doesnt work. If i use other cameras i only can view two reapeated images. have you tested this camera in Gear VR? I have tested other examples like this: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JSXHW#19 and give me the error "VrFrameData is not defined"... The version of this API is 1.1 https://github.com/w3c/webvr Thanks!
  9. @MrVR I receive this controller today and I will test it. I dont know why do you say that it doesnt work.... Maybe the problem is about the camera of babylonjs? I am only intereted in joystick and clic botton and this option is cheaper than MOGA.
  10. @MrVR I have bought this controller:https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B01MDU3NUK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and I will use BABYLON.VRDeviceOrientationGamepadCamera. I hope that it works!
  11. @MrVR Umm i dont have any bluetooth controller. Maybe some of VRCameras work fine with touchpad of GEARVR. The before sample works so well with the controller of headset but it is made with three.js...
  12. ok @dbawel I understand you but I have to use the GearVR environment using the Samsung browser. My application works well if I test it in this browser.However, I would like to add the VR mode like you could see in the video. Maybe, could I get it changing to another type of camera? Today, I can only see my web application in the 2D screen...
  13. @dbawel If I understood well, you have used Samsung Internet browser inside gearVR to show your application Web. However, how can I get full screen there? In the follow video you can enter to VR mode of scene.. How could I do it?
  14. @MrVR @MackeyK24 Hi, i have gear vr headset and S7 mobile. I have tested my scene in Bayblonjs with Samsung browser inside Gear and it only offers me a screen to see the application web. It is not inmersive (i am using universal camera and I have enabled WebVr API support) By this way, are there anyway to get a more inmersive scene?
  15. Hi all, I am developing a very interesting project with BabylonJS. Some members of this forum helped me to add many features of my scene. Well, now I have a new goal. I must offer a virtual environment using Gear VR. I don't know if you have used this technology and how are your experiences with BabylonJS. Gear VR offers a WebVR API to load applications web based on WebGL. Another option is to migrate all of my Babylon scene to Unity and later exports this to an APK file. Unity has a plugin to create application for virtual reality with Samsung Gear VR. What do you advice me? Thanks!