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  1. Hi @MrVR the unique way to display content with browser of GearVr is using the WebVrFreeCamera. The other cameras of VR don't work inside GearVR headset. Now I am working with this headset but disabling the service with app (package disabler pro) and I can launch my scene with Chrome.
  2. yes just it! @Raitch I have to short the visual distance and try by this way to reduce the effort to render all models of my scene (frustum planes)
  3. @Temechon @Raitch it is well but it is not exactally that I want. I only want to show the part of scene which are near of camera but not disable all mesh unless render only the part that is nearer to me..
  4. Hi all, do you know anyway to render only the models that are near of camera (I would define a radius and I can only see the models inside this area) is it possible? Thanks!
  5. Hi, i am a developer of vr application and i have a problem with the VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera relative to anti-aliasing. My scene is good but when I change to this camera all models of my scene have a bad appearance, with no anti-aliassing. The resolution of this escene using the vrCamera is very low... How could be the cause?
  6. @dbawel The most important problem that I have with GearVR is that BabylonJS is not compatible with the API (WebVR) version supported by Samsung browser. If I use the other camera (VRDevice OrientatioFreeCamera) and I stop the VR service of Oculus I can connect to my usb and test it with Chrome. In this example, I have another problem relatives to performance. FPS is so low... How can I improve this?
  7. Hi all again, these days I have tested many options to manage that WebVRCamera works. I have detected the error in browser of GearVR. It is: Reference error: VRFrameData is not defined Later, I reviewed the babylon.max.js of 2.6 version and in the line 48541 is the error: _this._frameData = new VRFrameData(); This doesnt work in browser of GearVR, maybe do you know the cause? The examples of Three.js works fine with GearVR and use this class too. @davrous @MrVR @Deltakosh
  8. Hi @Deltakosh I have tested this code: if (navigator.getVRDisplays) { navigator.getVRDisplays().then(function (displays) { if (displays.length > 0) { vrDisplay = displays[0]; alert(displays[0].displayName); } }); } If I probe this in my gearVR, it shows me SAMSUNG SM-G920F. What must I know to be sure that I need WebVRCamera? The link to import BabylonJS is that:https://cdn.rawgit.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/master/dist/preview release/babylon.js" Maybe is it not the last?
  9. @MrVR this camera only works fine with version 1.0 of API WebVR. The browser of GearVR has 1.1 version of this API so I consider that it is the cause by this doesn't work
  10. After I test all posibilities my conclusion is that the camera which must be used with GearVR is Babylon.WebVRFreeCamera. However, this type of camera doesn't work with version 1.1 of WebVR API. I hope that this could be resolved early.
  11. Ok done!
  12. How can I get a full screen of scene? I am using this function inside "create scene" method and It doesn't work: engine.switchFullscreen(true)
  13. hi @Deltakosh I am loading my scene from samsung browser and WebVR API (v 1.1) is the library used to reproduce VR in this browser. If I test the camera that you said me VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera I can only see over 2d panel (which appears in samsung browser) something like the follow image. Maybe must I code a full screen?? Also if I check this file http://david.blob.core.windows.net/babylonjs/SponzaVR/index.js you can see two declaration of cameras and I dont know what is the chosen camera by GearVR. if (navigator.getVRDisplays) { vrCamera = new BABYLON.WebVRFreeCamera("vrCam", engine.scenes[0].activeCamera.position, engine.scenes[0], false, { trackPosition: true, displayName: "HTC Vive MV", positionScale: 1 }); } else { vrCamera = new BABYLON.VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera("vrCam", engine.scenes[0].activeCamera.position, engine.scenes[0]); } Although, the result with SponzaVR is the same... two divided screen..
  14. I have read in others topics about BabylonsJS and GearVR with webvrfreecamera and it must work fine. Are there any sample to test in my GearVR with Babylon? I hope that some developers know why doesnt it work? @AB95 @Wingnut I also have tested this demo http://david.blob.core.windows.net/babylonjs/SponzaVR/index.html developed by @davrous and when I active VR I can only see two divided screen Thank!
  15. Hi again, I havent still received the bluetooth controller however I have been making somes tests in my GearVR headset with different cameras. @MrVR @dbawel I have used the follow camera: var cameraPosition = new BABYLON.Vector3(600, 200, -500); var camera = new BABYLON.WebVRFreeCamera("camera", cameraPosition, scene); I have activated WebVR API and the result is a white viewport so it doesnt work. If i use other cameras i only can view two reapeated images. have you tested this camera in Gear VR? I have tested other examples like this: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JSXHW#19 and give me the error "VrFrameData is not defined"... The version of this API is 1.1 https://github.com/w3c/webvr Thanks!