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  1. Too specific? Isn't that the opposite of too specific, it would help users create double clicks and all kinds of different things them self instead of having to rely on 1 premade solution to double click.
  2. Huh, for whatever reason i thought "standard" double click === 2 x "full clicks" but now that i tried it to open a text file, the double click indeed triggers on click down. I suppose i just usually release the click so fast i haven't noticed you don't actually have to let it go for the double click to active. Interesting. Well, anyway... what i wanted to throw out there is: since this double-click business seems mainly time related (what else is really different between single and double click?), could there perhaps be a place for some kind of action that helps with time instead of just clicking. I'm thinking something that lets you disable / modify / override already existing actions, or add completely new actions / inputs, but only for a period of time. So you could just have your normal click trigger/action, but then you could have some other action to say that for the next 500ms when you click; do something else than the normal click instead. And if this was possible then you could use that for all kinds of different things, like click some thing and then for the next 3 seconds if you press some key on keyboard do something. And then after the time is done, that input / action is removed.
  3. @Vousk-prod. What if i want to trigger the double click immediately when touched the second time? Like OnPickDownTrigger.
  4. StarGate with Iris Demo

    Ooh shiny!
  5. My babylon js game

  6. Redundant Playground

    I've seen some online tools that just give you a "master key" of sorts whenever you create a new thing, which i think is quite a nice way to give you "optional ownership". Ownership that you canignore, or give out to specific people or just share with everyone, however you see fit. So i think it would be possible to do something like that without requiring account / logging in. I mean the key would log you in, but you know...
  7. @iiceman Haha. Yes much art... very art . I have to say though: I've been watching demoscene productions for quite a while now (i find them quite spectacular at times) and for many years i've thought about how it would be cool to make one myself but it's never really seemed like a "real possibilty", no skills for that sort of thing etc. Doing this... hmmm... add some music / sounds... polish things a bit... make it a bit longer... maybe it is possible. But thanks!
  8. Hey guys what's up. Been fiddling around with stuff, trying to get to know animations and make it a bit easier for me to do stuff and thought i'd post this here for you guys to see in case someone would happen to find it useful. Playground here: Not much else to say, it is what it is but i don't know what that is. But i would like to give a shoutout to @Wingnut who bombarded me with a ton of information about animation and examples etc, thanks!
  9. Okay, yep yep, something like that does work. here for example i animated some text. So you can use Color4:s. But it's too difficult for me, that's not a convenient way to animate in my opinion. Maybe someday i'll see someone using the animation system to animate those.
  10. @iiceman Hey. Thanks for playground example. So, i tried looking in ( ) and then in Shape2D and then RenderablePrim2D and so forth and i did not actuallysee any mention of opacity property so i was trying to animate the fill property not the opacity value since i didn't know such thing actually existed. I still would like to know how to animate the color, or border color, or text color. That still remains a mystery. Actually, i did try to animate opacity value one time. And alpha value also. But i tried to do it with CreateAndStartAnimation ( ) which does not seem to work? Anyway, thanks again!
  11. Canvas2D Main Post

    Yeah i kind of like the sound of that. I also agree with @MasterK about the naming of things, more cleaner names would be nice. defaultFontColor would in my opinion be better just as Color, fontName maybe just font, fontSignedDistanceField just SignedDistanceField or whatever. Stuff like that, get rid of the extra clutter. Then perhaps Rectangle2D fill could be called background (or remain fill i don't know whateves) and be like in CSS style where you can put either image or color as background. About the atlas thing, i don't know where i'd use it yet so no idea how i would like it to work.
  12. PlayCanvas or babylon.js for html5 fps

    Hello. Well, i think that choosing whatever option is better than thinking about what option is the best option. You know. Just pick something, start doing some shit and see where it goes. It's just javascript. You will most likely come up with your own functions and logic anyways and once you've done that it's probably little problem to switch to another engine. Greets, a Babylon user
  13. Hello. I tried animating Rectangle2D size and it was kind of ok, but not great. Then i tried animating scaling instead of size and it was better, but still not quite there yet. I think a "fade in" effect is needed, but i don't know how to do that. Also tried animating Text2D font color, but i couldn't do that either. Apparently node.getScene is not a function. I don't know man. Thanks for reading.
  14. @Satiana Hey. from here you can see on that list that Text2D has something called defaultColor. In the parameters box you can also see the expected input for defaultColor is Color4. So i believe this should work: defaultFontColor: new BABYLON.Color4(1, 0, 0, 1); //red Edit: Oh wait it actually says defaultColor in the first list and on the parameters it says defaultFontColor. Don't know what that's about. But i think defaultFontColor is the one you want to use.
  15. Playgorund Follow Camera Example

    I can't offer any solutions but it's not working for me either so i don't think it's an issue with your PC.