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  1. menthos984

    How to use bitmap fonts in phaser?

    @CharlesCraft50 i have used the linked you gave (BMFont: but it does not generate an .XML file only a .PNG and .FNT files.
  2. menthos984

    Active buttons while game is paused

    Can anyone help me on creating a button that is active even if the game is on pause (game.paused = true;)?
  3. menthos984

    [Problem] Coded in single html file

    sir by any chance, is this ES6 also similar to C++ Object-Oriented Programming?
  4. menthos984

    [Problem] Coded in single html file

    I am still a beginner in developing my game in html5 using phaser's framework. The problem is that I have written my codes in a single html file just like how the basic examples in are shown. Now I am having a hard time separating them into js files. Can anyone help me please?
  5. menthos984

    [Phaser]Math game

    How did you develop this game?
  6. menthos984

    Small bug in one of the examples

    Still no answer? I am experiencing this too. I tried it on Google Chrome and Firefox. Updated my browsers and refreshed it several times. Help!