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  1. ok thanks, if it is the bug from PointerEvent, I suppose this is a good choice.
  2. hi zeebo, i have the same problem, setting window.PointerEvent = null seems work for me, thanks. Is it your final solution? is there any side effect doing this?
  3. hi there, my current version is 4.5.1, and I found a possible issue, if I do 1. click mouse's left button on a sprite (fire onDown event) 2. keep the left button, then press the right button 3. keep the right button, then release the left button (onUp is not fired) 4. release the right button (onUp is still not fired) so basically, the right click would influence mouse event, which as I tested is normal in version 4.3.5 thanks
  4. hi guys, i have updated my pixi from 4.3.5 to 4.5.1, and I found there is a little change in touch event onTouchStart(e) { console.log(e.data.originalEvent.touches); // before originalEvent is TouchEvent so it has touches // new version originalEvent change to PointerEvent which does not have touches } somehow the originalEvent change from TouchEvent to PointerEvent which does not have touches, I used to detect touches to prevent multiple touches, so I have two question 1. what cause this change? 2. is there any other efficient way to limit the touches on my game, in my case, I only hope 1 touch exist at the same time? thanks to your help
  5. sorry it takes so long, as I tested, neither call "renderer.gl.flush()" or update to 4.4.3 work, there are still missing objects sometimes, but I found out this only happen to "the safari on the ipad4", it is quite limited actually. and the missing objects will show up after resizing (turning the screen portrait)
  6. ok, I will try when I get my ipad4, it's not around me now. so if "renderer.gl.flush()" work, should I keep it in my code? does it have any side effect?
  7. by the way, I remember in early version 4, mask won't work in my project until I set renderer.maskManager.enableScissor = false; could it be the problem?
  8. I use both in my project, but at the begining of the game, the filters is not used, only the mask
  9. 4.3.4
  10. hi alex_h it is atlas
  11. Hi guys, I tested my game on ipad4, and sometimes a few sprites can not be displayed(most of the time is the bg image), but the rest are rendered normally, since it does not happen every time, and it only happen on ipad4, moreover, it does not pop out any error, it's really hard to find the cause, does anyone know what could be the possible cause to this sort of partially render problem?
  12. thanks ivan.popelyshev, it works like magic
  13. hi ivan.popelyshev, Sorry I didn't make my question very clear, what I want is movieClip keep playing when I switch to another tab, since RAF stop when I lose the tab focus, I use setInterval continuously update ticker to keep movieClip playing, I hope it updates every 20ms, however, seems like while I lose the tab focus, the setInterval ignore my 20, It only do it every 1000ms, I believe it's browser's feature to save performance. so ticker.update is called every second only, which makes the movieClip only change it's frame every second as well.
  14. Hi guys, Recently I intend to keep my game running at the approximately same speed while the player switch to another tab, it means I need to keep my movieClip(animatedSprite) and Tween object(I am using GreenSock) running while losing tab focus, since RAF will stop, I use setInterval to keep updating PIXI.ticker.shared. const ticker = PIXI.ticker.shared; setInterval(() => { ticker.update(); }, 20); However, setInterval's minimum is limited to around 1000ms when the tab focus is blur, so my movieClip‘s update rate is the same, which is much slower. Now, i am thinking to record the deltatime and set the movieClip to specific frame accordingly on each update, then have to deal with the callback like onRepeat or onComplete, Is there a simpler way to achieve this?
  15. hi themoonrat, thanks for your answering, it is very helpful