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  1. Bump! Anybody that knows how to do those transformations?
  2. Hey everybody, I need a little help with using the Creature game object from Kestrel Moon Studios. What I've got so far: My html page: http://ellioman.games/test/c/ The code: https://gist.github.com/ellioman/e508aacd4f07028645aa126bc5474d06 What I'm trying to do: Get the bunny sprite (that you see in the top left corner) to follow a bone I've retrieved from the creature object. I use the "bone.getWorldStartPt()" function in Creature to get the position of the bone but the problem is that the position I get is the character’s world space (local-position). I therefore somehow need to inverse the transformation of the position gotten from getWorldStartPt() so I that have the world position that will be used to position my bunny texture. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this? Cheers, Elvar