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  1. LuizOtavio

    Question about rope

    oh, yeah, ofcourse will deformate. you need to 'rotate' the image. In the sandbox that you send, change line 13 on create to points.push(new Phaser.Point(0, i * length)); cheers
  2. LuizOtavio

    First rendering of big sprite makes the game jitter

    @Skeptron, and if you scale the img to a very small size? Scale tinyest size, sendToBack, maintain its on center of screen. When you want to show up, brintToFront, scaleTo(1) cheers
  3. LuizOtavio

    Phaser arcade physics: multiple within group.

    well, can you post your code or some sample?
  4. LuizOtavio

    Can i set a collision area in a sprite? [Phaser]

    hi @AramCP, i guess, you looking for Offset Bounding Box check out this example cheers
  5. LuizOtavio

    First rendering of big sprite makes the game jitter

    hi @Skeptron if you just hide this image under background?; and, when you will want to show again:; cheers
  6. LuizOtavio

    Phaser arcade physics: multiple within group.

    hi @The_dude8080, 'Phaser.Physics.Arcade.collide' method can receive two arrays of sprites (in their 2 first params). if some sprite from array 1 collide with sprite from arr 2, the handle will be called, right? So, if u just going to push these new sprites to one of those 2 arrays? cheers
  7. LuizOtavio

    OK why the heck doesn't the collision happen?

    hi @MackTuesday, you don't need to create a 'bullets' group. When you do weapon = game.add.weapon(20, 'bullet'); you're creating a group of type Phaser.Weapon with 20 bullets. So, if you want to perform a collision with 'enemy' and bullets, you do: game.physics.arcade.overlap(enemy, weapon.bullets, collisionHandler, null, this) cheers
  8. LuizOtavio

    Question about rope

    hi @wexing, i dont know if i understood your point, but, in rope example, to change their animation up down to left right, change line 31 'y' to 'x' this.points[i].x = Math.sin(i * 0.5 + count) * 20; is that your point? cheers
  9. LuizOtavio

    WebStorm2016.2+Phaser+error with require()

    Hmmm, 1. make sure have nodejs installed. 2. run in project folder $ npm install phaser --save 3. create a app.ts 3. put this in the first line: import {Phaser} from 'phaser/typescript/phaser'; 4. u ready to follow these steps: cheers
  10. LuizOtavio

    Phaser JS Weapon plugin

    hi @Drewrg in method says: * @return {Phaser.Bullet} The fired bullet if successful, null otherwise. that means you can do: var your_bullet =; and get Phaser.Bullet sprite that was shoot and change their speed. cheers
  11. LuizOtavio

    Problem with game states Phaser

    Hi @AramCP i started with Phaser last week, and, i just cant find a way to change the state in the docs. so, after open phaser.js and read some code, i found what i was looking for var game_state = this.instance.state; game_state.add('menu_screen',{ preload: menu_screen_preload, create : menu_screen_create, update: menu_screen_update }); game_state.start('menu_screen'); and that's the way i change states in my game. Hope help you cheers
  12. LuizOtavio

    Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1000 Tracks

    @Eric Matyas u're awesome bro! Exactly what im looking for
  13. LuizOtavio

    WebStorm2016.2+Phaser+error with require()

    hmmmm, im dev phaser with javascript, but, may i help you (I work with Ionic2 (angular2 + typescript)) when i have to use some lib from node_modules, i just put declare function require(name: string); among the imports. cheers
  14. LuizOtavio

    Bullet Animation change when colide

    big thanks to @rich solve this question for me on slack
  15. LuizOtavio

    Bullet Animation change when colide

    Hi forum, im trying to change the bullet animation when its colide i try to change Weapon.bulletAnimation but its only change the new bullets how can i do it? =/ thxx