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  1. Hi all, I have a game which I've turned in to a cordova app. Gamephysics with collision are working smooth, but when I am using tweens it sometimes lags a little bit. I am using Crosswalk and are testing on a Sony Xperia Z3. I've tried removing all backgrounds and animation and left only one sprite doing the tweens, but the lags remain. Everything is smooth on the desktop browser. Anybody got any tips on improving the performance?
  2. It seems that if I remove clearShapes and loadPolygons function, it all works as expected. Does it somehow collied with world bounds when resetting the sprite?
  3. Hi, I am getting some unwanted behaviour with groups and p2 physics. When the sprites is leaving the screen, I want to kill them and reset new ones. But when I kill the first one, and reset a new one, the physics goes haywire. Anyone got a suggestion on how to fix this? Check this pen for an example:
  4. It isn't my work. The starter template was featured in the latest issue of Phaser World
  5. There is a Phaser + Typescript starter project here: Tried it a couple of days ago, looked good. No errors in VS Code.