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  1. grandnaguszek

    Replacing Tiles with single-direction collisions in Phaser v2.9.2

    No one has any idea's?
  2. I am making a platformer game with Phaser 2.9.2 where the map is loaded from a JSON file and am having difficulty trying to make interactive tiles which are replaced by a new tile with a collision from a single-direction. I have found a function which allows me to control the direction of collision direction of tiles, so I am hoping to find out how to activate a function and replace individual tiles when there is the sprite and tile are overlapping. I have been thinking of adding the tiles individually in JSON with unique properties and using the .createFromObjects method, but I want every tile to have the same properties and the potential to make multiple stages. So I am hoping there is way to activate a function when the players sprite overlaps with the tile, and in the function it replaces that individual tile with another tile from the tilemap.
  3. grandnaguszek

    Player sprite falls through ground on collision...

    I had a similar problem to this, and I found out it had to do with the Tile Bias. Normally it is set to 16, but when i set it manually to 32 the I no longer had this issue. game.physics.arcade.TILE_BIAS = 32;