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  1. Importing OBJ file

    Well, i tried your OBJ and it has almost 1370 vertices and executes about 940 draw calls. But i have no laggs or jerky/sluggish moving with my camera if i change the resolution to HD (1280x720). You are using a 1680x916 resolution. Try another resolution, I would suggest the most common FHD/HD (see To change resolution, just apply the height width style to your canvas like: #renderCanvas{ width:1280px; height:720px; touch_action: none; } Another option would be to change the obj to lower poly if possible? Hope it helps you too.
  2. Importing OBJ file

    I guess, you mean your FPS drops dramatically and everything is like lagging? Check your FPS and stuff with ";" and maybe your obj file is way too high poly or sth. like that. I encountered the same problem with high poly objects. Maybe you can share your obj / code so that we can try what's the issue.
  3. Extruded 2D CustomShape Texture

    Edit: 01-12-2016: I may present, my new approach, which is actually working (for me and my simple-minded goals): (^^^^^^EXAMPLE^^^^^^) After experimenting with a lot of stuff I came up with a new "best" method again to achieve my goals. (n-point custom 3D shape, see example) What's the idea?: 1. Calulate the boundaries of my shape ( i guess there is a BJS tool which could help me, but i did not found anything in this short time. Maybe the collision boundaries?) 2. Creating a Box with the boundaries and placing it exactly on the position my "CustomMesh" shall be 3. Creating my CustomMesh with ExtrudeCustomShape 4. Having a Box and a Shape, i cut out the shape from the box, use this new "form" and cut out the box again. (see the code in the example for more details.. "var create3DObject....") 5. setting a mesh object on position 0,0,0 as parent, because my CustomMesh "descended" from a box. (i want to translate and rotate later... Not in my example above) Exception: All points for the shape have to come in counterclockwise, else the shape will not be cut out correctly. Anybody knows how to get it working for both clock-directions? Remembering: I did this all because i had no clue about how to coorrectly set the UVs and the material on a Mesh, generated from "ExtrudeCustomShape". The CAP_ALL parameter created the faces i wanted, but not the correct UVs . I have the feeling i do "misuse" BJS because the lack of knowledge/experience for such simple goals. But this is all i can do for now to get things working. I do REALY hope somebody may tell me how to do this properly. I welcome any help and directions! Thank you so far.
  4. Extruded 2D CustomShape Texture

    And here the post with the CSG subtract problem:
  5. Extruded 2D CustomShape Texture

    Yes, I am using the BABYLON.CSG.
  6. Extruded 2D CustomShape Texture

    Edit: 29-11.2016 After another frustating day, I tried a new way and the textures applied correctly: what do i do? : I create a Mesh with ribbons for the front, another one for the outside and a last one for the backside. After everything is done, i merge them to one mesh. (Earlier i mentioned: Well, i guess i need to think of a logic for this one. For the first step, 4-5 points is enough for now ) New Problem: If i want to cut a hole in my Mesh, the Subtraction does not subtract as i expected. Anyone having an idea why? I guess I am missing some basic understandings? I do welcome any hints and help. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I'm realy new to this and i want to apologize in advance if this question already had been handled a couple of times, but i could not find a solution after 2 days. So i'll give it a try and ask you guys What i want: I do expect Points (x,y,z) which build a closed custom shape. The shape may consist of n-Points (in my Example there are 5). The shape also has to be extruded by a specific length. Everything will be extruded into the Z-Axis. Next step is creating a material and applying it to the Mesh. The Problem: Because of the CAP_ALL parameter my texture is not aligned properly (see related question: related post). I can't use the MeshBuilder.CreateBox because my shapes are not always boxes and i could not find any way to fix my Mesh's uvs You can see my example here: My Solution: I create a box and subtract each face. This is the only possible solution i found. (Yet it's not acceptable) You can see the shame here: Can anyone point me in the right direction how to manage this? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance