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  1. Hi guys, Fo those interested we setup a wiki page on how to run your melonJS game under the WeChat Mini Games/Program platform : Do note that this require the upcoming 6.0 version of melonJS (still polishing the release, changelog visible here) --- the melonJS team
  2. obiot

    Minimap for melon v5.1.0

    I wonder if a trick where you draw the map scaled down on a much smaller canvas, and then zoom out the canvas when drawing it on screen would do ? Normally you should be able to apply a transform (scale) on the whole map using currentTransform : don’t forget to translate to the map center, before scaling, and also “de-scale” and translate back to the origin point once done
  3. obiot

    registerPointerEvent not emitting in 5.1

    should this be something we add programatically through melonJS (or add to the boilerplate) to prevent the issues with other developers ?
  4. obiot

    Minimap for melon v5.1.0

    the second parameter is a rect that define the area of the map to draw (and we therefore pass the viewport to it), so the issue here above is that you specificy the rect size accordingly to your canvas/viewport size, where it should the size of the minimap canvas.
  5. obiot

    Minimap for melon v5.1.0

    well you have to think about this in the context of drawing Layer(s) for every single frame and with other potential objects, effect, UI, etc... being drawn both within or above those layers..... now two things (tell me if you had something else in mind) : 1) to build your mini map it does not really matter, right ? as you just call it one time to draw it on your canvas 2) there is a "preRender" property (that can be defined in Tiled) that will pre-render all layers on an offset canvas. Advantage is definitely on performances, but then you just significanty increase the memory usage, as a new canvas of the map size is created PER layer.
  6. obiot

    Isometric game made with Melon

    There is no built-in one, but if you are up to it that would be a great PR else see that post: good luck with your project and keep us posted about your progress
  7. obiot

    registerPointerEvent not emitting in 5.1

    that's weird to be honest.... that we have some bugs yes totally possible, but for it not to work at all, it's really surprising.... would you mind sharing your code, or at least a minimal version of it that can reproduce the issue ?
  8. obiot

    Isometric game made with Melon

    not that I know, and I never tried myself to be honest, but it should not be that different from an orthogonal map ? Note that you can use the below function to convert coordinates between the two (ortho <> iso) : found this as well by doing a quick search :
  9. obiot

    Isometric game made with Melon

    Hi, oh yeah indeed, GIK seems to be offline... that's a pity, that was really one awesome isometric game As for other, I'm afraid the only one coming to my mind now is our online example, it's quite basic, but at features show multiple layer, map navigation, and a tile selector (so enough to get you started) I'll come back if anything else comes to my mind !
  10. indeed, the grunt task will only take assets for a certain type from only the corresponding directory :
  11. Hi, Stupid question, did you add the png to the list of assets to be loaded ?
  12. obiot


    ahaha awesome still (I noticed a bug in the loader screen as well)
  13. obiot

    How to draw on particular [TMX] layer?

    glad I could help ! any preview of what you are working on as a reward ?
  14. obiot

    How to draw on particular [TMX] layer?

    it could as simple as setting the correct z order to your "tile selector object" and to make it fully dynamic, you can get the required tile z value using the following code (after your map has been loaded) : // get the TMX Map Layer called "basement" var layer ="basement")[0]; // get the layer z value var zOrder = layer.pos.z; then you can just reuse zOrder when instantiating your tile selector, and it should do the trick
  15. obiot

    Bitmap fonts and anti-aliasing

    interesting..... ! there is an antialias option when calling, that is actually (or should be in theory) false by default, would you try to force it to false ? also are you using the canvas or webgl renderer (the latter still has a few issues that needs to be worked out), if yes can you also try to force the CANVAS one instead ? (either by removing the renderer option from the properties list, or just change it to