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  1. just create a new me.Sprite or an entity (if it's a collidable element), and add it to the world container ( at the desired position.
  2. sounds like melonJS cannot find the " data/fnt/PressStart2P.fnt " file, or that the file itself is empty/corrupted.
  3. probably a consequence of changing the default anchor point to 0.5 for all renderables, cumulated to this issue : this will be fixed in the next 4.2.0 version, but in the mean time, you should be able to fix it by adding `this.anchorPoint.set(0, 0);` in your constructor. sorry for the annoyance !
  4. great news ! if this is just a static visual item, I would suggest to create a me.Sprite object and then just position it where it should on your map. any live demo maybe somwhere to get a better sense at what you are trying to achieve ?
  5. stupid question, but is " game.dropletParticle " defined before the call to me.pool.register() ? are you using the latest 4.1.0 version ? (we added some check when registering object in the pool)
  6. you had it almost, take your code here above discard the whole shape thing, as you can just use the the GUI object bounding box and then just set the new position of the GUI_object, as also in the code here above : at some point you do have to experiment with the API yourself, the next step of me helping you it's for me to write your code, and I don't have the time for that, sorry. Furthermore I already provided you two examples that achieve the same thing, one with standard event, and one with the drag entities, these and the documentation should be enough to get your started. the other thing you could do is to clone this fiddle and then use it as a base for your experiment. Then it's easier to show you or modify it in order to show how it should be and therefore help you.
  7. it's easy, you can use the viewport move and moveTo function to change the viewport position it's really just about the same code you would write to drag an object with the mouse, expect that you move the viewport
  8. Hi, welcome to our forum So to give a first answer to your questions : 1. Yes, melonJS will only render the part of the map that is visible through the viewport. We also had people using crazily large maps in the past, and as far as we saw melonJS was able to render ti without any problems 2. we do not support a "repeat" features for tile layers. I suppose it should not be difficult to add but nobodyhad the need for it so far in our team, and we never had a pull request for it. A related topic has been discussed though here, and same technique could be applied I guess from within your game to achieve the same result (unless you want to propose a patch for melonJS) 3. yes. see for example here , it;s really a basic example, but it highlight the current tile when hovering over the map with the mouse, source code for the hovering part is visible here. You can then add specific properties to any tile in Tiled, and retrieve them in melonJS (through the returned Tile object). finally we had a few projects over the years using isometric maps, and I encourage you to check our "made with melonJS" page that list. GIK is certainly the last one I remember, it's not open source, but it definitely looks professional and well done. Cheers, Oliver.
  9. Blog announcement : Build : have all a nice day !
  10. i replied to you already : for the drag part, see my previous post, there is two method to achieve it. to create a "clone" of the image, just create a new me.Sprite using the same image. I'm not sure how clearer I could be to be honest.
  11. yes, in the event object you can check the `deltaY` property
  12. there is no clone function for me.Sprite, but you can just create a new Sprite using the same image.
  13. wii build are here : and the last one here :
  14. HUD is just a name we give to object part of the interface (and not of the game). In melonJS they are just objects like others and you can change their position using their your_item.pos vector, as they all inherit from me.Renderable: if you need to make your item following your mouse, just check the two examples I provided to you, they both exactly do that.
  15. to be noted that 4.1.0 is not released yet, master is our current development branch, so issues are to be expected just saying in case you stumble on something else