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  1. Hi thank you. I fixed the problem by loading babylon file from a server (XMLHttpRequest) / JSON.parse / change material ids / JSON.stringify / ImportMesh.
  2. Hi I have many FBX files. Each FBX file has unique material names. FbxExporter.exe converts these files to babylon files. The FBX material names go to babylon But many babylon files contain materials with id value "45" ("id": "45"). It seems that FbxExporter.exe generates these id somehow by itself. This is the reason why loading many babylon files to one (same) scene shows incorrecet colors. Are there any ways to fix it?
  3. Hi there are two examples: 1. 2. the first example works correctly if I use the keyboard arrows (keyCode: 37,38,39,40) and mouse. the second example works correctly if I use the keyboard arrows (keyCode: 37,38,39,40), but does not work correctly if I use mouse. Any ideas to fix it?
  4. @Nabroski Thank you. I found the nice advice to set the limits to null! It is useful for me!
  5. Hi the discussion has been started here: Thank you, @Nabroski , for your nice example which shows difference between two camera types: I am sure that TrackballCamera can be very usefull for people who is developing on line systems for engineers. Just take a look at Autodesk viewer and the camera: Is there any plans to create TrackballCamera to Babylon JS?
  6. line 227: if (mesh.checkCollisions.Value) // Do not delay load collisions object
  7. line 101: if (mesh.checkCollisions.Value) // Do not delay load collisions object
  8. both ConvertToBinary and MakeIncremental don't work....
  9. @Hagop may be you have an executable file to share with me?
  10. @davrous
  11. I have got almost the same problem: but there is no this string in the source file: meshName =; there is even no meshObj in the file Program.cs
  12. YES! I need exactly this trackball rotator!
  13. @Nabroski I sent you the private message