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  1. Postmortem: Medieval Defense Z

    Thank you for posting your experience. The game looks fantastic. Do you have any marketing and monetization plans?
  2. 9 new phaser games

    Just wanted to say that's a fantastic site. Have you really only been learning for 12 months? Do you have any plans to monetize the site itself, or are you just planning to make money from the games themselves?
  3. Dev Diary - Hangman in React Native

    After a lovely break, I've spent a little time on Hangman in January. I think it's at the "functional but *ugly*" stage at the moment. Second dev diary is up As always, please let me know what you think. I'm more than happy to get feedback.
  4. [Phaser] My last game "The freaking awesome slalom!"

    Very nice game. Do you mind if I ask how long that took to build?
  5. Dev Diary - Hangman in React Native

    For my second game, I've decided to try and build Hangman in React Native. I've decided to create a dev diary of my experience. Part one is up where I check out the competition and make a simple prototype. I'm always looking for ways to improve, so if you think I'm missing a trick or have a suggestion to improve my writing, please let me know.
  6. [Question] What makes a good dev diary?

    I'm going to start work on my second game in a week or two. I'll create a dev diary as I go along, so I would like to know what other people look for in a good dev diary? The sticky at the top mentions, the following: One (or more) screenshot/s (at best about 800x600 px - remember that very big big pictures may take a long time to load) A short description of your game The link to the game (obvious, huh?) Maybe a link to the games website with more details, or a blog Is there anything else people would find interesting? Not promising I can share that as my games are simple at the moment, but I can try.
  7. Monkeeper

    That's another very impressive game too. I'm totally new to this whole thing, so have no experience or clue what I'm doing really. I just saw Monkeeper without ads (my only thought at the moment to make money) and thought you might have other methods. Good luck with everything
  8. Monkeeper

    Just wanted to say nice game. I see this is your first post, so can't check on here. But how many games have you previously made? Besides sponsorship, do you have any other monetisation ideas? Or is it all just for fun. Either way, good luck with it.