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  1. I have a site with lots of html 5 games only. I dont see significant revenues at all... unless you have a large facebook group that would play your games in a daily basis. the best thing is to design your game, create your portfolio and sell your games...
  2. Greetings from Famobi

    My advise, sell non-exclusive titles to these sites famobi, gamepix,etc but publish your own games on appstore and google play. This is the most guarantee process. do not sell exclusive games to these sites, do your own profit on them or resell for disney, samsung for bigger prices. Easy to say all this stuff and hide that famobi waited for the zapbboster owner achieves 500 euros to lock his/her account down. They should have done this early. Famobi earned 100%. The correct term is to put the terms in the main page stating what is legal or illegal and then deactivate the account as soon as a mistake or thief whatever is done. My 50 cents.
  3. Why not do tentacles of war for html5? I would certainly buy the source code from you...
  4. Best tools to program html5 games

    Phaser does have an IDE? Im using Construct 2 since it is cheaper than Buildbox (99$ per month) and it seems more easier handling events. Cocos2d-js is cool...i have here installed. I created a physics game with it.
  5. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    I will not comment here anymore because you guys are so blind,so angry in pointing fingers at somebody...since you both and picking up a scapegoat to put all your blame on him or her, doesnt matter. But keep it consistent so we don't loose credibility in html5gamedevs.com... change the topic then. AS i was told before, lets share here all the people who steal material or work from others. But you both disagree, keep the topic generic and choose a scapegoat to put the blame on. After looking at this topic with other perspective, it is not about doing a list of stolen people but blaming claudio for all the copyright infringements. I am out. I love your work guys...i-doser and true valhala...keep developing, keep up creating good stuff... don't be sad about someone else stealing your work or dreams, ask apple or google to remove the stolen items... to be punished. Some justice i agree.
  6. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    Just change the topic then... it is wrong. Should be... Post here your apps stolen by Claudio... and not generic. You are a victim too i-doser... lol
  7. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    Always the victim, always speculative... look at my other posts... i see this page at google and decided to post it. Thats it...my name is not Claudio lol. Now you are not just sick, but paranoid.
  8. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    True Valhala... not a scapegoat? how about changing the topic of this thread from "Have your games been stolen? Check here" to "Have your games been stolen? Check here if it was Claudio". Man...this is sick. This topic is targeting a single person...be more specific so the whole html5 site does not loose credibility.
  9. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    Yes lol... a pirate of piracy products...agreed. But piracy is a crime too, anyway.
  10. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    Yes I-doser, i just gave a bad example from Apple (but still a valid lessons learned since there is a lot of binaural apps like yours in google play...if they would not be there, you would certainly have more profit). Just Put a Watermark in your work... im sure he or she will never steal your content.
  11. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    I agree Tomor... i just gave an example of stealing ideas from Apple... but you are right. Copy the whole content is copyright infringement. Thats the reason i posted: Put a Watermark in your work... so others can not steal so easy.
  12. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    Im not here to defend him... but check what Apple did... years ago there was a lot of flashlights on Appstore...Apple decided to "steal" the idea and incorporate it in their IOS 7 a native flashlight. How many developers became sad with Apple decision...a lot. These developers loose money and could not profit anymore. So welcome to corporate greed... or individual greed, if you prefer lol...
  13. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    I agree that is valid to point here the mistake he did, he is not the victim...but it seems that investigating his life is more fun right i-doser? You already know his wife lol... Im starting to see some jealousy here on so how many content published... thats the point isnt it? Dont worry...other people will come here and say that he stole their content too. But let s open this discussion to check other "scapegoats" as well or "victims", as you told. A suggestion for all of us: Put a Watermark in your work... so others can not steal so easy. For True Valhala...put advertisments or watermarks in your games, same for I-Doser...
  14. "Claudio Souza Mattos" steals games for profit

    I see your point...so you want to pick a scapegoat here and blame for stealing your content and do not want to search for others...go ahead! By the way how do you know for sure all the other content published by him on https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/giana-lucia-cardoso-mattos/id504038288 are stolen? I see native apps in there... As i said, you both just picking a scapegoat however there are dozen out there...