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  1. Thanks for the feedback, I do have Browserify going and its ok, but I think I'll give jspm a go and see what I think.
  2. So I want to use ES6 module syntax, I'm leaning towards using jspm opinions on that choice for my package manager?
  3. @mattstyles, thank you very much for the posts. When do you expect the first "native" module support and from which browser vendor?
  4. @Pryme8, how do you use modules you Javascript code? I had a hell of a time finding a solution but as noted above I did find something that was relatively straight forward. But I'm guessing you might have something even simpler, I'd be very interested in what you do.
  5. @PixelPush I've "figured" out a way to make a module work, please see this, hopefully someone might offer up something "better". But I can't believe how complex the whole thing is, the best/simplest example I found was Understanding JavaScript Modules: Bundling & Transpiling by Mark Brown and with that info I was able to get it "working". Hopefully The Future that Mark mentioned is coming in the next few months.
  6. Hmm, I'm guessing you need to use different syntax, there appears to be different syntaxes. Maybe a clue here:
  7. It doesn't need to be inside class Game, it can be outside, but probably before class Game.
  8. Thanks, but its Greek to me I don't understand how to use the ALT key to drag what?
  9. This may help or maybe not, be sure to keep us up to date on what you learn.
  10. Can you share what the problem was and the solution?
  11. I know, but existing PG apps are expecting canvasZone so I added it so they work when exporting via "Get .zip".
  12. I've created a pull request which adds a div canvasZone to the zipContent/index.html file, this will help some apps mentioned in this thread.
  13. @Deltakosh, I thought you'd fixed the slows on the docs, but apparently not yet.