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  1. if you don't mind me asking, for example that mummy sprite running in your intro post, how much would you charge to make one like that?
  2. Preferred Language for Phaser?

    The voting system is a little off - don't think it's exactly working
  3. @imthatcarlos i can help as well. You can check my Phaser stuff at my site - https://www.programmingmind.com/projects. You can PM me if you wish me to help.
  4. i believe your missing the call to one of the tilemap methods that marks which tiles are collidable. example: map.setCollisionByExclusion([], true, this.collisionLayer); I wrote a tutorial just recently that covers top down tilemaps: https://www.programmingmind.com/phaser/topdown-layers-moving-and-collision
  5. 9 new phaser games

    wow really great work @erich and this is just mostly by yourself? I'm trying to do the same thing but more on writing tutorials so short demos of features that are use in games.
  6. My tutorials on Phaser

    Happy monday everyone! I manage to finish my first part on my top down tutorial and it's ready - https://www.programmingmind.com/phaser/topdown-layers-moving-and-collision Hii @Any_Key they are actually separate files, but they run through Jekyll's asset pipeline which packs and compresses them all together. And yea, I noticed my game won't run on my IOS8 which has an older Safari browser so I had to use a library that automatically transforms any *.es6 files into vanilla ES5 code. https://github.com/TannerRogalsky/sprockets-es6 Works amazingly well! Now i can stick to writing es6 code, i never want to go back to writing the old way of JS classes unless absolutely needed. So for example on my newest tutorial (topdown - layers, moving and collision), there are only 2 files - gamestate.es6, which is the same across across all of my tutorials and a tutorial specific one - demo.es6. I have a JS manifest file that packs all the JS files i need for my Phaser tutorials. //= require jquery-1.12.4.min //= require featherlight-1.6.1.min //= require phaser/phaser-2.6.1.min //= require phaser/juicy //= require phaser/spriter //= require phaser/isogrid //= require phaser/pieprogress //= require phaser/phaser-virtual-gamepad //= require phaser/demos/gamestate And then for tutorial specific code i had this on the actual HTML: {% js phaser/demos/topdown-layers-moving-and-collision/demo %} For my Fun with Spells tutorial because the spells span multiple files, i created another manifest file for that: //= require phaser/demos/fun-with-spells/demo //= require phaser/demos/fun-with-spells/spell //= require phaser/demos/fun-with-spells/player //= require phaser/demos/fun-with-spells/magicbolt //= require phaser/demos/fun-with-spells/firewall //= require phaser/demos/fun-with-spells/icecage //= require phaser/demos/fun-with-spells/lightningbolt //= require phaser/demos/fun-with-spells/firestorm Jekyll asset pipeline will stitch them all together so on the tutorial specific markdown I can just include that manifest file: {% js phaser/demos/fun-with-spells/index %} And then to start my demo, i just had these lines at the bottom of each markdown file. var game = new Phaser.Game(640, 480, Phaser.AUTO, 'phaserDemo'); game.state.add('demo', DemoState); game.state.start('demo'); Hope that explains! and I definitely have them all separated out. Hii @triptych I don't see the benefit of posting them to GitHub, as I already have all the source code posted on the tutorial page itself (except for the HTML file). But maybe I'm missing something that would be beneficial to some people, would you mind telling me why you want it on GitHub?
  7. Liquid ( water ) in the bottle

    you mean like this? https://gamemechanicexplorer.com/#fluid-1
  8. My tutorials on Phaser

    Thanks guys! @Any_Key and @erich, very encouraging! I'll have more tutorials up soon: Tilemap part 1 - loading and collision (will probably span to at least 3 parts, part 2 is shooting, part 3 is AI) and Zooming. Screenshots attached. Just polishing it up a bit more and completing the tutorial write up. And of course, Happy New Year everyone! Hoping for a better new year to Phaser and it's community!
  9. New HTML5 Games

    Wow really nice game! same comment as previous poster - well polished! I also like how easy the levels are
  10. My tutorials on Phaser

    Here's me giving back to the community by sharing my own knowledge and adventure in Phaser: New: Jan 9, 2017 - https://www.programmingmind.com/phaser/topdown-layers-moving-and-collision Past: https://www.programmingmind.com/phaser/fun-with-spells-using-phaser https://www.programmingmind.com/phaser/stop-particles-from-sliding-in-phaser Hope you guys enjoy!
  11. How do you guys do multiplayer

    also, since your just starting. I think i would just recommend to go with a much simpler setup using Firebase realtime databse infrastructure - https://firebase.google.com/ latency might be a problem but depending on your type of game it might not be an issue.
  12. How do you guys do multiplayer

    Or you could use the industry grade developed by NetEase - https://github.com/NetEase/pomelo
  13. velocity to 0

    If you multiply the velocity by a fractional number - it will slowly reduce to 0. Would that help?
  14. Pixi.js simple lightmapping

    I've built this codepen if anyone wants to try to make this work:
  15. Pixi.js simple lightmapping

    anyone has made this work with Phaser? The pixi version here uses 3.x but Phaser only uses 2.x version of Pixi. Having an extreme difficult time trying to get the code here work with Phaser.