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  1. Instancing bug

    Thanks. Would you be able to link me to the fix?
  2. Instancing bug

    There seems to be an issue with instances in the preview version (stable is fine). Moving an instance too far way from the camera causes the original mesh to vanish (and also sometimes causes black artifacts to appear in the scene when moving the camera).
  3. why is not https ?

    There is now also the issue that the web notification API does not work in chromium based browsers for sites with insecure origins (notification permission requests for this site are now silently denied, even if notifications for the site are explicitly allowed in browser settings).
  4. ArcCamera wierdness

    You should just be able to include it, and then add the touch-action attribute to the canvas (probably touch-action="none", so that default actions aren't fired). I think the readme of the github repo is the only resource I used when I started including pep in projects.
  5. ArcCamera wierdness

    Works fine in Chrome, but the issue is present in firefox for me. I second Delta's suggestion of moving to PEP and seeing if that resolves the issue.
  6. Was a bug report for this filed? Noticed the other day that the latest (non canary) Chrome on windows 10 seems to have this issue now (I'm forcing webgl 1 as a work around for now). Edit: Perhaps it's this
  7. @Vorion Never got this to work sorry, ended up just using the standard material. Would be interested in a solution though.
  8. Based on the documentation, I'd expect that the onError callback should be called if a texture 404s. It however still calls the onSuccess callback anyway, with no indication that the image has failed to load.
  9. Here? I don't think I know enough about the underlying webgl calls and where they may be going wrong to do a bug report justice.
  10. There appears to be something wrong in the handling of materials using diffuse colours in both FF dev edition (58.0b1) and CC (64.0.3261.0), though it seems to only affect windows (tested in windows 7 on multiple machines). Moving across the scene, only one colour (the colour of the first mesh created that is in view) is used across all meshes. If this was only happening in one of the browsers I wouldn't be too concerned, but that it happens in both makes me a bit wary that there may be some underlying issues. Looking deeper, I think the issue is probably in Angle, as forcing use of opengl in CC with --use-gl=desktop resolves the problems (albeit at a considerably lower frame rate). There is another (probably also Angle related) issue with transparency (if a mix of opaque and transparent materials are used), which can be seen both in the standard materials demo (with the spheres and grass, the grass texture scaling is off until the opaque spheres are not in view), here (where changing both spheres to be transparent works, but having just one makes both opaque) , and here. If it is an Angle issue, there may be nothing that can be done this end, (though interestingly I can't seem to reproduce the issues in three.js, though my knowledge there is quite limited). Edit: Forcing webgl1 also resolves the issues.
  11. In your init function (in the iframe, main.js) you should be able to send a message to the parent page, something like window.addEventListener("wheel", (e) => { window.parent.postMessage(e, "*"); }); and receive it there with something like this in your main page js window.addEventListener("message", (e) => { //do something with the event });
  12. Hi there. Just did a similar test to Wingy, and looks like babylon doesn't block the events, Looking at your page source, I think the issue is that the scene is embedded in an iframe. You should be able to send the event (or a message) from the iframe to the parent either via window.parent or window.Postmessage
  13. Playground editor cursor mis-aligned in Chrome

    All the monaco css rules are contained in the editor.main.css file from the monaco-editor npm package.
  14. Error with loadFromDataString (preview release)

    While this doesn't solve the problem with LoadFromDataString, I thought I'd mention that you can request images as blobs instead of array buffers,, which I found in my projects to be much faster as it means that a conversion to a base64 string isn't needed .
  15. Playground editor cursor mis-aligned in Chrome

    I'm getting the same issue in Chrome on a macbook pro, but works fine in ff. Works fine in everything on a Windows machine, so could be a webkit bug in macOS? Also, a local build of the playground from a week or two back works fine, so some change since then has triggered this.