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  1. I don't know if this is the right forum to ask questions about publishers and sponsors, but I would like to know if anyone has worked with Poki. I've only found a couple of comments from SharedDreams, but I would like to hear more opinions. Does it worth the time? Thanks!
  2. I've updated the game, fixed some bugs and added some features requested by players: -It changes orientation and rearrange controls on mobile without having to refresh. -Additional control scheme for desktop players. A and D keys to move and Up to shoot. -Fixed bug that prevented the game to restart when the ads were not available. -You get an extra life after collecting 3 gems. -The tutorial is more visual now, letting you know that you can stomp eyeballs and that gems are important. -Some minor bugs fixed, resulting in a better performance on old mobile devices. B10b, thanks a lot for the feedback, I'm still trying to figure out a production pipeline and your input is appreciated. I will revisit this game in a couple of months before releasing it as a native app for Android and iOS. So, if you have more comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them. Thank you, everyone!
  3. Thanks a lot for the feedback! The game was meant to be hard, but not boring. If the game pushes you to stay at a bottom corner I imagine it won't be too much fun. Maybe I should have highlighted that when you stomp an enemy it gives you double points, and that the gems gives you a huge bonus. As any old arcade the whole purpose is to get the highest score, but if it's not engaging enough... players will quit before the leaderboad shows up. I will keep your advice in mind for the next games. Sadly, making a game in a week or two also means I cannot playtests that much, and I cannot invest a lot of time balancing the difficulty and adjusting the gameplay. But that doesn't mean I cannot learn! And use this new knowledge on future games. As for the bugs, I would greatly appreciate if you let me know what browers and device did you use to play the game? Thanks again!
  4. Hi! I have finished my first HTML5 game and I must say it doesn't look that bad! Please, take a minute to try it and rate it on Kongregate: You can also play it fullscreen and on mobile devices on my website: I plan to make more games like this, little tributes to the arcade classics from my childhood. So, even if your feedback doesn't help to improve this game, it certainly will help me with my future projects. A little background: When the Flash Game market collapsed I knew I had to quit game development. Until then, I was making a living mostly from Flash Games. Some of my most popular games are Moby Dick I and II, Days of Monsters, Clarence Saves The Day and Wild King. I tried the AppStore and PlayStore with a couple of projects (Bunny Cannon, Ketopix), but they didn't perform as well as I needed in order to become a Mobile Game developer. However, a colleague told me that there is money in HTML5 gaming if you become proficient. He is very prolific, releasing a couple of games every month, and it seems like he is doing alright. I was used to spend several months making my games, but I was tired of that and the idea of making quick games was very appealing. I tried several frameworks/toolsets/engines, but decided to use Phaser because it looks like it has the fewer caveats. Coming from ActionScript, making games with JavaScript is a lot easier than I expected. I started with a very simple project, but I can see how easy it would be to work on bigger games. Anyway, I don't expect to become rich making small games, but I hope can still pay the rent with my them. Please let me know what do you think about it. Sorry for my English!
  5. After burying my Flash game developer career, I've started my first Phaser project because I found that some former clients are interested in games... HTML5 games. It has an 8bit Arcade style, therefore all the art assets are 8bit PNGs. I'm still trying to get rid of the antialias, but I noticed something very odd while I was testing it on an Android phone: The background looked like it was a heavily compressed JPG, instead of an 8bit PNG. I asked a friend to test the game on his Android device and he noticed the compression artifacts too. First, I blamed Phaser, then my website's hosting... but since it only looked like that on that couple of devices, it had to be an Android issue. The problem, it seems, comes from Chrome's configuration. By default many devices come with the Data Saver option enabled, which basically changes the way your device requests for certain kind of files. When enabled, it asks a Google server to compress big files (like my 4kb background ¬¬) before sending them to the phone, to make it faster and even cheaper (depending on your mobile plan) to get such files. That's great... but it makes my game look horrible, and I wouldn't ask the players to disable this option, clear the cache and refresh the browser in order to play my game. I don't need to, because apparently you can ask google to not touch your precious art assets instead. You just need to add a .htaccess file to your root with the following lines: <FilesMatch "\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$"> Header set Cache-Control "no-transform" </FilesMatch> I don't know how this will affect the distribution, but It worked. If anyone has better solution, please share. Sorry for my English. Source: