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  1. vcyborg

    Use both arrow keys and WASD controls?

    Hi, Timmey Thank you so much! That is really useful to me as I'm looking to implement something similar. But as I'm still learning javascript I'm struggling to figure out the lodash/underscore stuff. Do you, or anyone, can help me to translate the code to native js? I looked into it and found , but there's stuff like _.forEach that I don't know how to write. I know this is from last year, but I figured I'll ask just in case. Thanks!
  2. vcyborg

    Can't clear mask in canvas

    Ok, solved!! I just have to disable the mask first, by making the property null. I updated the codepen with the solution.
  3. vcyborg

    Can't clear mask in canvas

    Hi Carlos! Here's a codepen:
  4. vcyborg

    Can't clear mask in canvas

    Hi! I'm using a drawn rectangle as a mask and I need to delete it after a tween, so I'm using onComplete and then in the callback function 'this.mask.clear()'. Seems to work fine in WebGL, but testing in some browsers using canvas it seems the mask is still there after the animation (other stuff in the function is working, just clear() not working on the mask). Is there any workaround for this? Or any other way to get rid of a mask? Any help is appreciated, thank you.