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  1. Thank you, but the values have no visible impact. :-/
  2. Hello guys, I use the UniversalCamera in my project. On my mobile device it works really well and does what I want it to do, except for the left and right rotation. When I wipe up and down, the camera moves much faster than left and right. I have already tried the camera. angularSensibility, but it has no visible effect. for example, if I use the Gyro camera and press on the screen, I can control the camera very well and would like to have such a behaviour with the UniversalCamera. Did I miss something or is there a value I need to adjust? I would like to double the speed of mobile devices (the device differentiation is already taken over by my framework). Then it has a smooth user behavior. I look forward to your answers. :-)
  3. VirtualJoysticksCamera issues

    I would like to join the cause with three small additions: Specify the colors of the joysticks in the constructor/setter (currently I do it via a timeout and dirty code - other solution?) Select joystick areas. I only want to trigger the joysticks in the lower 1/3 of the screen. Currently the joysticks are distorted when I adjust the size of the canvas - it's logical. Option to permanently display the joysticks Thanks @davrous for your great support :-)
  4. @Wingnut Thank you very much for the great contributions and the detailed playground. You handled my problem well. As I read it out, is that a general problem in the library? The camera wants to try to climb over it, but I don't want it to. Do you have to increase the gravity or adjust the ellipsoid to get a good approximation to the solution of the problem? Thank you for the quick help!
  5. Hello, I'm currently building a scene where a person walks through a room. There are several objects in the room. When I run and run against a large mesh, I collide and can't get through (it's wanted). When I walk towards a low (low height) mesh, I'm suddenly reset, probably to the old position. Camera position: [0.1.2, -2.25] Camera ellipsoid: [0.5,0.59,0.5] Scene gravity: [0, -9.81, 0] Bottom is at y = 0 How do I set the camera's collisionsbox correctly to run on the floor and not get the effect of low meshes? Thank you.
  6. I found a solution by myself. But, thank you =)
  7. Hello, this is my first post, but visit the forum for a while and am thrilled. :-) I'm currently working on a Babylon project and I'm using a CustomShader (ShaderMaterial) for the Meshes. Now I wanted to use mesh.dispose(); and mesh.material.dispose(); to remove the textures, but it does not work. Whenever I check the size with scene.textures.length, it becomes more and more. What helps?