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  1. blender 2 babylon exporter v5.4 ranges bug

    oh, I see, understood, thanks. Gonna go ahead and mark this as solved, cheers.
  2. blender 2 babylon exporter v5.4 ranges bug

    After a little more testing, frame start seems to be more than just off by 1. I made a 3 frames action and did the below: 1) If my action starts at frame 1 and ends at frame 3, the ranges exported shows "from":40,"to":43. 2) If my action starts at frame 0 and ends at frame 2, the ranges exported shows "from":40,"to":42. 3) If my action starts at frame -1 and ends at frame 1, the ranges exported shows"from":40,"to":41. 4) If my action starts at frame -2 and ends at frame 0, the ranges exported shows "from":40,"to":40. 5) If my action starts at frame -3 and ends at frame -1, the ranges exported shows "from":40,"to":39. weird...
  3. Hi, was testing my personal project: a low poly mesh with a few actions exported using the b2b exporter v5.4. The animation range in the start frames are off by 1. My actions start from frame 1, exported babylon file shows frame 0 and testing confirms the animation when triggered doesn't loop nicely. Currently, the mesh has 4~5 actions, project upon completion should have a few hundred or so. Just curious, is this bug from the exporter or blender ? Should I start thinking about coding a fix when ImportMesh is called from babylon ? Or is this like a quick 2s fix on the exporter ? Pls do not tell me that I have to edit it manually... Thanks for reading and hope it helps, cheers
  4. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    You guys are awesome ! I'd prefer something like CreateImageOnlyButton("button", image) as opposed to CreateImageOnlyButton("button", "imageURL"). Don't need getChildByName (user needs to know the name, duh), don't need to spend time figuring out where the vars are, and user still have full control over the image vars etc etc. Shrugs, small stuff really ...
  5. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    I see, understood, thanks. Guess I'll code my own loader, cheers ! fyi: editing the image props from button looks clunky (, a simple QoL fix if anyone's up for it, cheers !
  6. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Hi again, so nice to see the GUI evolving. May I know if the current babylon GUI has capability to read icons from an icon atlas ? Where the position and size of the icon is stored in , say, a JSON file ? Looking at the source today, I don't see that capability but I tot I'd ask just in case. If not, would it be useful for babylon to have this functionality? Again, just throwing out the idea to the devs and community for feedback. Personally, I don't think it would be difficult to code the loader and make an extension. But it would be MUCH FASTER to simply have it in babylon itself. (Off my head, a little addition to image.ts and buttons.ts should work ?)
  7. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Cool ! Thanks @adam.
  8. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Awesome, @adam. yh, what I was looking for, clean and nice...observers ! On topic, I don't think txtwriter class is needed ? Cos a stackpanel would do the same job ?
  9. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Found a workaround, but not particularly happy as its overkill. Still thanks tho, @Deltakosh
  10. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Thanks @Deltakosh...erm, still not quite correct. Now the pickedpoint.x is static. I think my problem isn't phrased very well. When the mouse is over the sphere and not moving, your solution is correct. But when the mouse is moving over the sphere, the pickpoint.x should still update AND the timer should also count accordingly. So its closer to two/n event listeners working in parallel. Use case would be, say, mouse-over a planet and show its lat/long with other dynamic content like temp/time/gravity etc in 1 tooltip. Mouse-over another part of said planet and the lat/long will update while the other dynamic content also updates in realtime on the same tooltip. My english isn't great, would appreciate if anyone could help to phrase it better.
  11. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Thanks @Arte, I got it ! So I have a new problem. I have a use case for spherical orbits with dynamic mesh properties that on mouse-over, a gui textblock should display...sort of like an interactive tooltip except used in 3d. To simplify the problem, I used the standard sphere/ground PG, added a timer to the sphere, and a pointermove observable to the scene with a text trigger for the sphere. As expected, upon sphere mouse-over, the pickedpoint will update and the timer value will just show the value at the instance the pointermove evt was fired. Now, I'd like to have the timer value continue counting while the mouse is still over the sphere, like a realtime clock. In usual html cases, realtime counting is done with recursive callbacks. But I've not been able to get it to work and I need help. Has anyone tried to do this yet ? Or are there better methods to use ? Lemme know, thanks!
  12. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Probably another stupid question, but how do you change the value text of a button when clicked ? I can change other properties just fine, but button.value/button.text isn't letting me alter the words. edit: As usual, found the solution after posting...this streak remains unbroken, go me! -.-"
  13. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Not sure what happened, but I got this error while working this morning: TypeError: t.getEngine(...).onCanvasPointerOutObservable is undefined I see some work by @Deltakosh on the gui source, something broke ? edit: nvm, I figured it out, slapped myself for inconsistent versions of lib files.
  14. webgl error

    Well, I managed to make it reproducible via window.location.reload(true) with the simplest of scenes (as below). A warning tho, this creates an infinite loading of the same page just to speed things up, so have F12 console viewable as the page reloads. I also tested multiple browser refresh in the basic scene of the PG and got the same result. Hope it helps. <script> window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { function createScene(engine,canvas) { var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine); //Adding an Arc Rotate Camera var camera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera("Camera", 0, 0.8, 100, BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), scene); camera.attachControl(canvas, false); return scene; } var canvas = document.getElementById('renderCanvas'); var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true); var scene = createScene(engine,canvas); engine.runRenderLoop(function() { scene.render(); }); scene.dispose(); engine.dispose(); //canvas = null; canvas.remove; console.log("scene disposed? " + scene.isDisposed); window.location.reload(true); }); </script>
  15. webgl error

    I took the PG codes from and modified to add in a 30s timer (zip file) that disposes the scene and engine. You should be able to obtain the snapshot before timer runs out. Also, attached my ss fyr. Does this help ?