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  1. Hi Peeps, The new max exporter (that includes the gitf option) has a different file structure. I can't see a read me on how to install these and everything I do seems to be failing. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am currently using the previous exporter. Thanks
  2. PixelPush

    SOLVED Button question

    Looking for a way to keep a button functioning when it's invisible. Any pointers? (No pun intended var btn = new BABYLON.GUI.Button("boat hotspot", "hello"); btn.horizontalAlignment = BABYLON.GUI.Control.HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT_LEFT; btn.width = 0.07; btn.height = "100px"; btn.color = "white"; btn.background = "green"; btn.left = 980; btn.top = -177; btn.notRenderable = false; btn.isVisible = false; btn.onPointerDownObservable.add(function(e) { console.log(e); }); Edit Just figured this out, if any one else wants to do the same - Set the alpha to zero. (Use a rectangle rather than a button to avoid the alpha being restored on mouse rollover
  3. PixelPush

    Volumetric Light

    Having a play with volumetric lighting scattering post process. I'm trying to achieve a beam of light, like that from a torch or spot light. So far I've only managed to get points of light to emit from the mesh in a radial/global pattern. Is it possible to control how the rays are emitted from the mesh and/or light Ta
  4. PixelPush

    PBR albedoTexture Strength (Solved)

    Thanks @Sebavan !
  5. Is there anyway to fade the albedoTexture of a PBR material, so that I can animate this material to a plain colour? I notice there is an ambientTextureStrength property. but no albedoTextureStrength property. Cheers
  6. I need to preload some skybox maps in order to create a CubeTexture, since there are six maps loaded, how do I then regroup these separate images back as a single reference? Cheers If anyone has the same issue - just call addCubeTextureTask on Assetsmanger
  7. PixelPush


    So I've managed to get some data by using the following code sphere.getBoundingInfo().boundingBox.maximumWorld This is on a Babylon sphere. The maximumWorld property is returning the x,y,z values but not sure what the units are at this point. Hopefully this will help any other noobs with the same issue. If anyone knows a better method please post it here
  8. PixelPush


    Hi All, How should I go about obtaining the size of mesh in pixels? Is this even possible ? I assume there is away to obtain measurements for the bounding box or something..? Cheers
  9. PixelPush

    Two sided materials

    Hi, Is there anyway to allow double side materials or mesh? I have a plane with a texture on. At the moment when the camera dips under the plane the texture isn't showing. When the camera is on top, it's showing fine. Thanks
  10. PixelPush

    Arc Rotate Camera Animation (Solved)

    Thanks very much Deltakosh. Would I need three separate animation to handle the float change for each value ie : one for alpha another for beta and another for radius etc? And if so, would these automatically run at the same time, despite being 3 separate lines of code?
  11. I have a large model with various points of interest. I'd to use an arc rotate camera so that users can freely rotate around the model. The other part involves users clicking on a certain model area, which will then animate the camera to a pre determined position and distance from the selected point of interest. Can anyone give me a clue as to the best animation type to use float/vector 3 interpolarion etc and how I might go about this. There will be three values which need to be "tweened" ie - alpha, beta and radius. As always thanks in advance
  12. PixelPush

    Picking Hidden Objects

    Great, thanks. I'll try it out !
  13. PixelPush

    Picking Hidden Objects

    Is it possible to pick hidden objects in a scene? If so, how is this achieved? Thanks in advance
  14. PixelPush

    Alpha Blending

    Ah apologies !