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  1. JayJay

    Using PathFinding as a Behavior

    up! No love for my question so far
  2. JayJay

    Generic platformer + ES6 / Webpack 4 boilerplate

    Wow, super helpful for those of us which are working on Phaser 3 projects, thank you very much!
  3. JayJay

    Using PathFinding as a Behavior

    I'm considering using Behaviors (Phaser.Plugin.Behavior) for my game, so I'm trying to understand if player movement could/should be modeled as a behavior, even if entity movement is accomplished via pathfinding (say EasyStar.js). There's no physics, btw. So the basic idea is to use the the behavior's onUpdate method to do one of 3 things: 1) If path is not yet calculated, it will call the .calculate() method of EasyStar to advance the calculation processing 2) If the calculation is done, move the entity futher along the path, if not yet reached the target point 3) do nothing (or maybe remove the behavior?) if already arrived at target location. Let me know if this looks like it could work or otherwise how Phaser.Plugin.Behavior and PathFinding could co-exist on a game.
  4. JayJay

    Getting a 2D array for Easystar?

    That repo has not been updated for over 4 years
  5. I'm building a simulation game using Phaser 3 and I need help from a fellow programmer. You will not make a full game but help me with some parts of the game I'm coding. Preferably you have some math or game algorithm skills. Contact me on private message for more details if interested.
  6. JayJay

    Where are the Layers?

    Wait, so if the API is still subject to change, shouldn't it technically be considered alpha software instead of beta?
  7. Hi, I'm developing this concept for a web game which is mostly widget based (clicking on checkboxes, selecting table rows etc) However I don't want to use anything along the lines of Bootstrap or anything that uses DOM rendering really. Unity3D is also not an option for me. By the way, it doesnt not really need be a fully game-oriented. Anything that runs on webgl/canvas and allows me to build a game-ish experience on top of it I'd be looking to take a look at it. Can you guys point be to some options? Thanks in advance to those who contribute!