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  1. msickle

    Is it possible to add tileSprite to physics?

    Actually animation frames on a sprite also works fine for this. Many ways to do what I need. And I checked src and the only GameObject types in arcade physics are Sprites and Images. Case closed.
  2. I was noodling around and trying to create groups of game objects that had 3 sprites that were cropped from one image. Similar to a 3-panel round cornered web button. The reason for this structure is I need variable width with the outer left and right images being fixed. But I also need it to be a game object with physics and collisions. I tried adding tileSprite to physics to make this, but it did not work with physics. ("Error: Not a function") this.blockLeftCap = this.physics.add.tileSprite(100,100,44,43,'button-001'); In the end I can just cut solo images individually, and then add as sprites to physics with no issue: this.blockLeftCap = this.physics.add.sprite(100,100,'btn-001-cap-left'); Since I can do this other ways it is no big deal. But I did like the way tileSprite allowed for easily adjustment of the image cropping. Just wanted to double check if I was missing something. Thanks, Matt
  3. msickle

    Generic platformer + ES6 / Webpack 4 boilerplate

    Awesome - I will take a look at the recording and playback code. Thanks for describing it!
  4. msickle

    Generic platformer + ES6 / Webpack 4 boilerplate

    The attract mode is very interesting. I was wondering - what did you use to record the keystrokes and camera positions for that?
  5. msickle

    Generic platformer + ES6 / Webpack 4 boilerplate

    I will check it out. I used earlier versions of your Webpack project to learn Webpack and also start learning Phaser 3. Many thanks for making and maintaining this!
  6. msickle

    [Phaser] Paragliding game

    I tried to play it but it's mobile only for some reason.
  7. msickle

    Are you using JavaScript ES 6?

    No one I know uses ES6 for any job. No one bothers learning it at all. So I also don't use it in hobby game coding. Just my take.
  8. msickle

    Phaser tilemap Image Layer !?

    This example got me started with tile maps. Worked exactly as they do it here. All I did need was a spritesheet to work with at the beginning. I used it in Tiled and then also load into Phaser:
  9. msickle

    Iterate over bullets

    You can check one pool of objects against another very simply: this.physics.arcade.overlap( g.bulletPool, this.jetPool, this.enemyHit, null, this );
  10. msickle

    Phaser IDE/ Aptana

    VS Code is free and works great for all web and/or Phaser development.
  11. msickle

    Tilemap & Offscreen Enemies Questions

    You could spread out this check by putting it on a timer. Every 200ms check 1/4 of them or something like that.
  12. msickle

    Draw only a part of a tilemap

    I am working on a game where I want to change the tiles dynamically, but have a similar issue. What I am doing is just importing a blank or one tile map from tiled, to associate the spritesheet and use for display. Then I manage my own map, in my own objects and simply update the index value of tiles in the display map to match as needed.