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  1. @oobarbazanoo I can't say, but I think you can find examples like that in Phaser Editor, I downloaded it today
  2. Can you specify what do you want to do? Do you want to move them separatelly?
  3. I think it's impossible to do it without repeating intersectsMesh(mesh,precise), but I hope there is a solution.
  4. Can you suggest any 2D physics body editor so I can use it in Phaser game? It must be free to use.
  5. @Hersir Consider making many jointed cuboids, can you image this arrangement? It's the only way to do it propertly, you need physics and rendering as well. Making them as one body can be a little challenge for you, I would use joints and I would place virtual cube in middle so it holds cuboids together.
  6. @Hersir use @ to let me know about reply next time. first of all are you sure you need to apply force or can a body push each other? if not consider using applyImpulse https://doc.babylonjs.com/overviews/using_the_physics_engine#impulses-and-forces if you need to calculate the direction propertly ask me and I will show you how to do it using rotation matrix. Sorry if I didn't understand what you meant.
  7. or just use cannon.js it's simple to use, just ask me for more info
  8. As long as the movement is not very hard to code you can do it by simply setting position, it's your choice
  9. Try using img.naturalWidth, img.naturalHeight, is it enough? Is there a problem with making canvas of that size now?
  10. Finally I can help someone Keep your jointAB in a variable so you can use it later: scene.getPhysicsEngine().removeJoint(meshA.physicsImpostor,meshB.physicsImpostor,jointAB); If you want to see my project with helicopter able to crash when forces between body elements are to high just ask me.
  11. What the heck, I clicked email and it crashed my browser, is it a virus?
  12. @BeanstalkBlue I was thinking about changing the height of each particle so it doesn't render side walls (these which are on the same height, they are flat), is it a good idea? This may cause more problems though. If that doesn't work you will probably have to subtract height for rendering for tiny values, make it like: renderHeight = baseHeight - distanceToCamera/1000, where 1000 is just a big value, not to affect visual effects to much.
  13. @RaananW I forgot to say you have to press Q/E to rotate the mesh (try different angles, f.e. 35 degrees from start position), then the direction of friction force is wrong, it shouldn't go sideways, but forward. The bug is there, I am 100% sure.
  14. @fenomas @RaananW I got the simplest possible scene http://babylonjs-playground.azurewebsites.net/#24QL2E#1 I have only added a script that changes direction and pushes the body along its rotation matrix, nothing special but the glitch is visible. I think that friction is just wrongly programmed in cannon.js but I hope there is a solution.
  15. @fenomas It will take me a lot of time to do, but if you want it then I will try I may have a little trouble with switching it back though.