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  1. > Hello my name is Eugene i am html5 game developer from Odessa. Please chat me in skype ogion13 if you have any job offers. Here is my linkedIn with portfolio https://www.linkedin.com/in/kovaltchuk-ievgen-a103baa5/ some of my last projects http://siteconsult.in.ua/fishslots/index.phphttps://airasiaxmas.testground.me/> A lot of small facebook games such as: > https://apps.facebook.com/cookingwords> https://apps.facebook.com/digitspuzzle/> https://apps.facebook.com/gamecubic/> https://apps.facebook.com/dotspuzzle/
  2. Hello i am html5 game developer, looking for longterm work. I have expirience in phaser.io create.js paper.js also have done a lot of games with native js and css. Here is some of my projects i can link you much more if need. You can write me in skype ogion13 https://apps.facebook.com/aquaslots/ https://apps.facebook.com/airasiagame/ https://apps.facebook.com/cookingwords/