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  1. After several of hours and analyze the difference pattern I found the answer for this, but somehow quite strange for me. shape_sprite.body.setSize( shape_sprite.width*shape_sprite.parent.scale.x, shape_sprite.height*shape_sprite.parent.scale.y, shape_sprite.width*(1-shape_sprite.parent.scale.x)/2, 0 ); I don't understand why I need to subtract but it works just fine.
  2. Hi all, I'm new to Phaser and I want to ask about something that became a problem for me and sorry for my bad english. So I have shape sprite that I add child to the background sprite. I want to make the background fit the screen size and it working. I also make the shape sprite anchored to middle (0.5, 0.0) so whatever the shape the position still in the middle. The problem came when I try to create collision. If the size is original size then the collision is correct but when I resize the background the collider start to not fit the sprites. I search for this and found out that if I comment out the anchor then the collider is fit to the sprite again. I also already do setting on body size. Here is the list of code I use //scaling background background.scale.set(game.width, game.height); //add physics game.physics.arcade.enable(shape_sprite) //anchor sprite shape_sprite.anchor.set(0.5, 0); //reset shape_sprite collision shape_sprite.body.setSize( shape_sprite.width*shape_sprite.parent.scale.x, shape_sprite.height*shape_sprite.parent.scale.y, shape_sprite.width*shape_sprite.parent.scale.x/2, 0 ); I think maybe I'm doing it wrong. without anchor: with anchor:
  3. Hi all, I'm a newbie at panda js and pixi js and I want to try using lesser-panda for my project because it look like lesser-panda still maintained. I got several problem that need to be discuses to. Is there any lesser-panda community for me to have some question and discussion? Thank you