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  1. Yeah you're right, it could also be stuff that can be crossed, but will take you longer to move from a tile to another. For example a ladder, a wall that's high but climbale etc Thanks for the great suggestions man I really appreciate it
  2. Thank you so much sir as a last question any particular pathfinding algorithm you'd recommend for this type of game?
  3. Yea I planned on starting with simply hard coding a simple strategy defensive/aggressive. And yes I want it to be more replay based it doesn't have to be real-time. Thanks for the advice b10 you've really cleared some of the mist for me :)! But as for the visual output, it must match and be 'realistic' so I've been a bit fuzzed as to how this can happen, as in shooter games, there's several aspect as I think should be solved with a "Line of Sight" algorithm to calculate if players can see an opponent. I would need to generate a match's data server sided and then sent to data to be displayed to the user. Of course each time they watch the same match, exactly the same things should occur so yeah it must be if not realistic then at least accurate. But as far as I can understand I would simply load the sprites and navigation meshes for a "level" then find a way to check for enemies in line of sight and start to work with combat and movement flow for the players. <- in terms of the server sided "data generation" First I would just code the game as if it was a normal shooter game, then disable player control and convert it to a simulation game.
  4. Thanks, I read that already. I know how to do it, I'm simply trying to ask for advice in terms of frameworks.
  5. Yeah there will be 0 movement, it will be like a classic Manager game. Sort of how Football Manager works, just browser based :). so there will be stats playing in with different weights for different situations. I was wondering if anyone had some frameworks they could recommend. I looked a babylonjs and phaser. The "players" input comes by setting strategies, hiring and training players before the game starts.
  6. Hey, I'm currently developing a web based manager game. I would like to get some input on how to achieve my goal: Creating a Manager game where NPC's will move around based of strategies given by their managers. In the simulation part I would need a game engine and a physics engine to check for collisions etc. would need the NPC's to know they can't run through a wall for example, but I also need a system so I can see if a player standing behind small objects, such as a tree if that player is visible to other players (his arm etc.) The genre would be FPS, such as "csmanager". I would love some inputs on how this could be achieved, I have done tons of research and have an idea. But I would love to hear how you guys would do it