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  1. Ok, cool. ~ I look at NW... Yeah, well look at that.... Dev-Cycle: it would be nice if web-dev and app-dev were seamless. What is this (intel webkit) how old? v0.29.1. Says 2 years before electron.. Interesting... Update: got app working in electron w/ <audio> Had this little mishap with jquery (use it for UI animations). <!-- jQuery --> <script> window.$ = window.jQuery = require("jquery"); </script> ... everything else worked. whew! Testing... I'll look at NW again if ... unexpected pitfall. : )
  2. #Goldmine: Porting in game assets, atm. @rothers if no performance workaround for electron, what do you see as next steps? "devDependencies": { "electron": "^1.7.10", Hey Look: Cookies! Found in Electron Docs: questions or requests for general help using Electron should be directed at the community slack channel or the forum. ~
  3. I wonder what makes it jumpy.... I'll check on my side to see if there is something similar. Still have to port the entire game. UPDATE: got the audio working (finally). SOLUTION: include audio files at a local path, mine were ../../above electron. About cookies... since cookies are basically stored data on the Browser... could you instead store data in the App? A log file at minimum. Thank you for making this thread... a collection of reasons -> why apps are difficult! : ) Yes -> wrapping apps is like navigating a jungle.
  4. Why difficult to make .exe from HTML 5? ~ State of Audio beginning 2017... -> - ~ it is not updating the renderer... ah yes. Testing... This looks cool, might try it: Heads up, looks like 3 packaging tools: electron-forge electron-builder electron-packager Lol, in the backdoor, out the front door, back in the frontdoor... Now... where's that <audio src=''> ?
  5. More than 4 lights?

    @Wingnut Ha! I bet it is easy to sequence colored lights up spiral of a fibonacci curve or something like it. Color3.random();
  6. More than 4 lights?

    Wow, a dance floor to go with a disco ball...
  7. Got it: The prototype is wrapped in the app... and worked perfectly. Gotta say like the electron setup. Very quick, lightweight, extensible. Nice. PC difference: no Wine, on GitBash tract: improved from what it used to be. PC: DMG step is not required. UPDATE: ported in full app and.. missing AUDIO as expected. Off to tutorials... looking at this one for awhile: Audio still not there yet...
  8. That was fast. I'll catch up.... : ) Ok, Wine...Wow, look at all these .dlls! Its like a party: wine, heap, content_shell.pak, and node.dll? Idk... ~Like+1.
  9. Hello World! We are using Node.js 8.2.1, Chromium 59.0.3071.115, and Electron 1.8.3. That was pretty nice. Thanks for the steps, they worked well. AND didn't have to "download the moon". Now to convert the game in... and see what happens with the <audio> (also touch in my case).
  10. Ah yeah ~ try 15 things and it finally works... which 12 things to remove? Hear ya. : ) ~1.5MB to 160MB, big jump. ~Fluid... thx. Yep using Audio. ~ Electron-Packager: was about to suggest the same link. I'll be trying it ... ~Great Steps ~ 44MB! Alright I'll give it a go....
  11. Touch: offset to the lower right.

    Oh wait. No. Ruuuuun!
  12. code please... playground example is best... Welcome. : )
  13. More than 4 lights?

    @MarianGthis also got me. @DeltakoshThanks for the very nice clear answer. @Wingnut was a big help when lights stopped at 10 a year back... with various lighting experiments (kudos +1, thx). Disco ball is a classic. And prior ones great too. <JOKE removed>. @NasimiAsl, 3Dbomberman is great. Much better than the original.
  14. Touch: offset to the lower right.

    SOLVED: you need this meta tag if you use Touch on a PIXEL. <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" /> CONFIRMED: also fixes DevTools emulation errors. And don't zoom in emulator... same error... <music-playing>"Welcome to the Jungle..."</music-playing>