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  1. Ok, scheduled deep-dive AR through end of year...
  2. Thank you Mr. @davrous, I'm happy to make technical attempt (4th quarter '17, if of interest) and share findings? : )
  3. Hello, BabylonJS is fantasic. Thank you mr @Deltakosh and @davrous. Research: Augmented Reality making rapid advancements this year. AR scenes placed on flat surfaces... and much more! Phenomenal things happening fast... Innovations available, but in AFreme or ARkite, ar~js, and Babylon is my home. So I must ask: Is AR porting a priority for upcoming versions of BJS. And if not, can it be? Perhaps I need to locate the wishlist or roadmap again... Found milestone/5 with no mention of AR: Here is link with history I'd follow: Seems to be lineage of successful AR examples: For AR, Babylon is most promising to me. How would one go about such a feature? Thanks,
  4. Thank you. I would like to yes. So I will look try in the future. In ecommerce life I had JS technical writer requirement. So no problem. Thinking about it, a small tip arises for noobs-like-me: Stepping into the .max source code accelerated learning process. Because the comments at the top of methods are very helpful. Fastest, simple way to find the purpose of a parameter 3 for example. And code-comments are especially helpful around the intent of 'the maths'. Among the many other great things... not in my school! : ) So a small hint to 'step-debug-function-drop-in' around 'getting-started-docs', could also help first-time PR anxiety... I'll will attempt to summon the effort.. (or courage, whichever). : )
  5. Mr. @Deltakosh this code is remarkable. I'd like to better understand BABYLON.GUI.TextBlock() controls for purposes of animated graphic novel in BJS. So the focus is 'visual animations'. Thank you for providing that, I'd like to help robustness test it.
  6. I ran out of 'likes' (again)... ++new BABYLON.GUI(); Will try it out, hot off the press.
  7. Hello, Looking into the particle system,, Wondering... Can particles be detected with raycast? When trying this: var hitInfo = ray.intersectsMeshes(particleArray); Gets error: i.getWorldMatrix is not a function, and I see why... Tried: {isPickable: true}, same result. Guess: attempting to draw a line and use intersectsMesh()... Would that be a good approach, or other suggestions? UPDATE: drawLines(), dispose() and intersectsMesh() did work. Still open to other ideas.
  8. Hello, Trying out Canvas2D, getting: 'BABYLON.Text2D is not a constructor' Using alpha version ('babylon/babylon.3.0.0-alpha.max.js'). Did anything change, or is extension needed? Thanks!
  9. Wow, these are excellent! Had no idea... will study a dig in that direction. Thanks! That electric box is as amazing, with all the other shaders... The "gateway" effect? Ah... portal? ok.. - transparent plane, circular frame (w/collision)? Good to see you @gryff
  10. Yea, could be cool. One starting direction might be: 1. review: each of (many) MIDI.js libs (license, documentation), for JS event dispatch solution... - top of google: 2. proof example JS-MIDI events: test-case eventing midi... 3. example-bjs: link it to the BABYLON.Mesh, Observer... Test: Multi-colored effusive rgb disco-ball. Or, 70's dance floor... Spherical Harmonics? Idk, Digress... Similarly, possible to use Web Audio API for: oscillators, gain,compression, reverb, delay, filter, pan, etc... same time (AudioContext). ...
  11. Very cool @Gijs, that drawSpark() is realistic. Looking how...? Ah, DynamicTexture.context onto material. Then 6 frame governor (like)! ctx.drawImage(glow), ctx.lineTo(), ctx.stroke(), ctx.clearRect()! Cool methodology...
  12. Here is a combination of suggestions. plasma orbs with spark line:
  13. Thank you @NasimiAsl inLine(Like that). Great solutions. Electric-plasma material on orb is cool too: ... Was combining it to the spheres of the example above, just to see..... @Dad72 your method was helpful already.... Cheers,
  14. <div style='float:right'>Like this<div/> ran out of likes...
  15. iteration: babylon does electricity really well(imho): (fixed link) many possibilities...