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  1. Yeah, all those things: +1.
  2. Second that, (never-ending threads)... a place to show chronological experiments, practices, and breakthroughs. History important to consider evolving rationale. Sometimes missed paths. Can go back and build out. Pivots they say. imho. but ok. : )
  3. Mr. @Wingnut you helped me to know what to do. Thanks for introduction, direction, tips. Catching up is best that way. Multiply knowledge === hero... in my book... Moar_L8r(this).thx();
  4. based on recent helpful @Wingnut chronicle... possible Playground to test solution. Two things: the "everything is a particle solution", notion around Oimo physics landscapes. And the awesome Raanan's cloth demo (wingy wireframe). Perhaps combined...? I'm too new to confirm context-crossover(cloth to particle to what you need). Wingnut mentioned a particleImpostor(if I'm not mistaken, checking...yep). Causes wonder, hypothetically, if each node of the cloth had it's own impostor. It does. -> Would first contact-point vectors of orb to the cloth give us a callback first? Probably not, but closer perhaps. Disclaimer: 80% off rocker 90% of the time. Yet, this would be a fun direction to test? A simple-analog to contact-points at a low level. And bonus if Raanan has, perhaps, a stub hiding in there already. maybe commented out....at bottom? Not sure. : ) Update: "Yes, cloth demo is a bunch-o-joints ( distanceJoints hung-from stead-points )... and the cloth uses "particleImpostors". I never knew particleImpostors (point impostors?) existed... until Raanan used them. " ~ Mr. Wingnut thx for that. Me: It would be nice to know of particleImpostors scalability. Example: between 1 and a world-o-particles where might browser barf? : )
  5. Legend: Listening- thinking - NOTES. - 'Info passing' -> iterative reading, followup research, aok. : ) Like, 'bi-directional transformation linking'...watching, - particle sub(mesh) - I would like to know more. thanks for that. '_needMoveForGravity =' - would like to know more, following... ah, interesting. good tip! ' .checkCollisions = true' - cool there. moveWithCollisions() very good. using arc follow camera[0], and cam[1]=freecam; thx. 'best motion sickness' - possible to sense subtle solutions: 1. camera above character = dizzy; camera at eye-level != dizzy. weird=true. weirder: negate() = all ways to spill beans. You know 'em: flash color, spin, pulsate,cam above... negate() again = !important. : ) 'scene.gravity' - used for 3rd party, ah! Thanks for that. GOAL: character walking around cube(...). . cuberotate ok. 'core' - let showTheCore: (curio) -> true; would like to open core file and understand Design Patterns. TS-noob-tear. 'technical expertise' - thank you sir. honored. Learning from others is advanced thinking when born knowing nothing, like me. -Reciprocally-> I would like to understand where you come from too. Yes, good friends. journey began at your notes, cheers! Wingnut===hero. -Joints & steads! - particleImpostor, distanceJoints.... the tetherball. ok -> TODO. Following... Experimenting... Thxagin,
  6. Ok... listening - thinking... and NOTES (for later). - 'getHeightAtCoordinates'...terrain-following WITHOUT physics or gravity. (thx @jerome) 'mesh-class' objects, pressed into brain, got it. Thanks, jerome. : ) yep - that is working well, no doubt! very helpful . TODO: bots. - Rays! TODO: ToVector tracking-line, world origin, and need more lasers always . Ignore that sorry. 'array-contour-following' - nice. Got an implementation going: 50%.... understand. Nice words. TODO dig there. 'Rays can be tricky on bumpy ground'. Nice! Found that. .stl GIS from USGS Mars bumpy(w/ subdivision surface). lots of free stuff on 3D USGS (havelinks). Did not experience "stuck" weirdness, because used it for rotation not x, z. good to know. .... There was a bouncy fulcrum issue... on an edge. but also Landscape Subdivision Surface (Blender) - aok. : ) Wait! Yes Ceres (asteroid) ... was bumpy, and the character crawls... ah... thats why. Thanks for that.... shortbike. - 'no hassles with CannonJS meshImpostors ONLY interacting with spheres.' thanks for that. 'dream into physics - not a physics into dream.' - yoda. Something like that, no hassle sounds like a good way to go! - MeshImpostors -> Only Spheres. Yes need to test. TODO Thanks! Ah, because singular touch-point tracking that.... . - 'no car jumps off mountain peaks' - ok cool with that. 'parabolic'. Something similar, looking for B-Spline horizontal mesh of vectors that dump into int array.... (low fidelity points on curves) NOTE. My bad to share, please skip if dont care. - 'Jerome's stuff,' - 'nobody better at making mesh act like they are using a physics engine... without using a physics engine.' That sounds like noble work. Thank you sir. I would like to understand more. - 'only cameras (not a mesh) can have physics-engine-less gravity' - saw that, why? 'ground in bumpy terrains... is an issue', ok - all good there. goodbye bumpy ground. "smoothed", like Blender> decimate? Cool, all good there... Ceres had that. oh yeah. ok. Making sense slowly. - humbled 'hero'- ok get why. Ha, laugh at noob at bottom of hill looking up. I work on sin/cos, matrix multiplication vect, etc. - 'Spherical Harmonics', verynice, https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1TTZKR#3 Not seen often, I saw this happen in Blender (scale) (maybe?). Take many screenshots of the beautiful shapes. Dazzles eyes. Not sure why. And something - fundamentally related in some work by M.C.Escher (maybe one spot or two)(see his planetoids/gr8 for 3d). I would like to understand spherical harmonics. - https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#27QHMX#1 - spherical harmonics: makes-brain-happy. - https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#9LBJS#1 - godrays lightscattering- AND animated rainbow texture! .wow... Is that animate rainbow texture? gradiants... nice effect. Sorry entranced by strange things. Love that texture. -entire terrain is "covered" with invisible sphereImpostors... ha, like life is a particle system...? Gah! Life is a particle system! "Jim, The problem appears larger than originally anticipated." ~ spok. So spectrum looks like: 'minimalism' - no hassles? -> maximalism is life-analog. Raises hand. - cloth demo - very cool. TODO: How? bunch of joints? later,...Raanan === 'hero'. Thank you. - Temechon .... Thank you. Yes, understand === hero. - Decades? Ok... Thank you.
  7. Wingnut, Thank you for your walkthrough of JS Physics engines. I read a few threads and your thoughts, a time er two, and got a good picture. Your chronicles of methodology is educational, enlightening, and illuminating. Thank you for the crash course in JS Physics methodology. ...
  8. @Wingnut wasn't easy -> First Playground, GRAVITYBOX: Used that red texture sphere -> and using setGravity() made it bounce around a box: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8C98MU#9
  9. Yep put in a heightMap and saw a boximpostor drop through it... Ok got it.
  10. I see, so work on a frozen-version has advantage. DING. Thanks for that....
  11. The effect on the blue floor-grid is really cool - what is going on there?
  12. controller09. I see. Idea of > cube translated by 16(?) impulses >> Like. ...
  13. This all makes sense. stead is really good metaphor to understand it. The tetherball also made sense. I get where you are coming from....
  14. How does one 'parent' model to frame? Playground or links pls? Ok, yeah. Merely.parent. ok. I get what that implies.
  15. Ha! reached my daily 'like' limit...."You can no longer like stuff". But I like everything - so what? Eh? Ah..... I see.