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  1. I am adding the child in onclick event of GUI_OBJECT of HUD element but i am not getting the output have a look on this code // create a basic GUI Object var myButton = me.GUI_Object.extend({ ........ ...... ...... onClick: function (event) { console.log("clicked!"); if (this.hover === true) { this.grabOffset.set(event.gameX, event.gameY); this.grabOffset.sub(this.pos); this.selected = true; // don"t propagate the event furthermore return false; } me.game.world.addChild(new mycopy(10, 15));//adding my entity n calling it // don't propagate the event return false; }, ...... ......... ........... }, }); //my entity code for crateing new sprite which act as clone var mycopy = me.Entity.extend({ init: function (x, y) { console.log("in entity object"); var sprite = new me.Sprite(x, y, { image: "gripe_run_right", framewidth: 64, frameheight: 64, anchorPoint: new me.Vector2d(0.5, 0.5) }); } });
  2. thank you for your response https://github.com/hashamkm/game-demo when i drag and drop this hud object it should become part of my map. this drag and drop functionality i wrote in HUD.js
  3. HI @obiot first I am thanking you for your suggestions and GOOD NEWS finally i am able to drag and drop the hud element By using me.GUI_Object methods . now i am trying to clone it.when i am dropping the copy of image it should become part of my map how can i do this please suggest me some methods thank you.
  4. HI can someone tell me how can I get ingame menu(like inventory menu ) which can interact with my game map(isomatric) . thank you .
  5. i was able to drag but i am facing two issues 1: dropping is not happening 2: while dragging image is follwing the mouse pointer, but it has some GAP between mouse pointer and image
  6. Hi @obiot i am able to clone the image from this code.. var settings = {}; settings.image = 'gripe_run_right'; settings.framewidth = 64; settings.frameheight = 64; this._super(me.GUI_Object, "init", [10, 10, settings]). I know how to drag and drop but i dont know how to take control of this sprite how can i do this please help me . thank you
  7. Hi i am trying to move my map by using panning from mouse can someone help me .
  8. how can i hover my sprite image..
  9. Hi @obiot i am trying as you sugestted me but i am facing problem like how can i get or hold the control to my sprite image which i defined in my code i am sharing my code game.HUD.buttonJump = me.GUI_Object.extend({ init : function (x, y,settings) { var settings = {}; settings.image = 'gripe_run_right'; settings.framewidth = 64; settings.frameheight = 64; settings.shapes = []; this._super(me.GUI_Object, "init", [x, y, settings]); this.pos.z = 4; // status flags this.selected = false; this.hover = false; // to memorize where we grab the shape this.grabOffset = new me.Vector2d(0,0); // tomato this.renderable = new me.Sprite(100, 100, {image: me.loader.getImage("gripe_run_right")}); }, // onActivate function onActivateEvent: function () { // register on the 'pointerdown' event me.input.registerPointerEvent('pointerdown', this, this.pointerDown.bind(this)); // me.input.registerPointerEvent("pointerdown", this, this.onSelect.bind(this)); // me.input.registerPointerEvent("pointerup", this, this.onRelease.bind(this)); // me.input.registerPointerEvent("pointercancel", this, this.onRelease.bind(this)); // register on the global pointermove event this.handler = me.event.subscribe(me.event.POINTERMOVE, this.pointerMove.bind(this)); // }, // pointerDown event callback pointerDown: function (event) { //working fine console.log("haiiii"); console.log(me.loader.getImage); console.log( this.getBounds().containsPoint(event.gameX, event.gameY)); return true; }, /** * pointermove function */ pointerMove: function (event) { this.hover = false; // move event is global (relative to the viewport) if (this.getBounds().containsPoint(event.gameX, event.gameY)) { // calculate the final coordinates var parentPos = this.ancestor.getBounds().pos; var x = event.gameX - this.pos.x - parentPos.x; var y = event.gameY - this.pos.y - parentPos.y; // the pointer event system will use the object bounding rect, check then with with all defined shapes for (var i = this.body.shapes.length, shape; i--, (shape = this.body.shapes);) { // here what can i use instead of this.body.shapes.length to get my image control if (shape.containsPoint(x, y)) { this.hover = true; break; } } } if (this.selected) { // follow the pointer me.game.world.moveUp(this); this.pos.set(event.gameX, event.gameY, this.pos.z); this.pos.sub(this.grabOffset); } if (this.hover || this.selected) { return false; } }, });
  10. my sys spc:- windows 8.1 browsers:- chrome and firefox, ver of melon is:-http://melonjs-builds.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html?prefix=artifacts/master/1920/build/
  11. I have few images in HUD and when i drag that HUD image it should be draggable and should drop a copy of that image in my map. can you please help me how can i achieve it. Thank You
  12. How can i do it for HUD element .. now i am able to insert image into HUD ,now i want to drag the copy of image from HUD loading image like this:- game.HUD.menuItem= me.GUI_Object.extend({ init : function (x, y) { var settings = {}; settings.image = 'gripe_run_right'; settings.framewidth = 64; settings.frameheight = 64; this._super(me.GUI_Object, "init", [x, y, settings]); this.pos.z = 4; }, }); now what can i add to this code to make my image('gripe_run_right') drag and clone(copy of the image). thank you
  13. HI can any one tell me how to load image to an hud and make it clone and drag .. If you guys have any example please share with me thank you.
  14. @obiot shapes eample is working after updating js file. but i am not getting the pointer position .....by using that syntax from documentation. hey now i fiund some solution but totally different syntax can anyone explain me this this is the code me.input.registerPointerEvent("pointerdown", me.game.viewport, function (event) { me.event.publish("pointerdown", [ event ]); },false); .... this.pointerDown = me.event.subscribe("pointerdown", function (event) { if (me.levelDirector.getCurrentLevelId()) { var layer = me.game.world.getChildByName("bottom")[0]; var tile = layer.getTile(event.gameWorldX, event.gameWorldY); if (tile) { console.log( tile.col + "," + tile.row) } else{ console.log("not a tile"); } } }); its working fine now i
  15. @obiot the link which u give me https://github.com/melonjs/melonJS/blob/master/examples/shapes/js/entities/entities.js#L21 in this repository it dont have any melonjs.js file and its not working if i add my melonjs 4.