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  1. okay i will try thank you
  2. even after adding addChild(child, z) the images are not draggaged above map is there any other solution
  3. okay i will try thank you
  4. hello actually i am using container renderer for background and above background placed images and images are dragging on mouse click but dragging is happening behind the game map i tried floating not working can anyone help please for drag movement
  5. okay thank you
  6. how to set an zindex to Renderable class
  7. okay thank you i will try and let you know
  8. can we use the html DOM elements inside the game world and what issues i may face to use dom elements data inside the game world
  9. can anyone help on this why its not getting affected in the ui
  10. sorry not working : renderer.setColor(0, 0, 0, 0.1); renderer.fillRect(10, 0, 150, 750); -> not working opacity not taking
  11. how to set opacity for renderer.setColor("white"); not affected : renderer.setColor("white",0.1); ->not working this.setopacity(0.1); ->not affected
  12. okay fine thank you i will try
  13. okay thank you i will try
  14. okay thank you
  15. please can anyone help on this