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  1. Hi,guys.i wanna know if there is a way can get part of the mesh's texture data(and use these partial data to apply to another mesh): Here: Line 17:is a ground with "earth.jpg" texture. and Line24&39 are two triangles,these are part of the first one (with "earth.jpg" texture),and i wanna let these two meshs have the right texture from "the first"(at right range); I know that i can set the UV's proportion to get the right output,but i don't wanna use it. Thank you for your time!
  2. @Wingnut Yeap!and that works~ But there is a new problem that i can't use "PS.dispose()" method,cause this seems will dispose all of the ParticularSystem(i'm trying to create more than 5 PS.)~~~~ 81) how can i remove each PS's particulars and it's meshes?(Like it didn't created?),i can not control it. I'll keep working I've solve!
  3. @Wingnut Hi,Wingnut,Check this Is there a way to delay method execution?these two explosion are happened at the same time...(Lines:77-79,and the "version1Firework" Func is at Line 130) (I-|)
  4. my PG: the balloon2.material.emissiveColor changed before it intersects customMesh ...and i have set the second param as true.... "balloon2.intersectsMesh(plan2, true)" it's not a right result! @hunts
  5. ... I've tried to create a ball and let it intersect with a custom mesh,but it didn't work. Or the method "balloon2.intersectsMesh(plan2, true)" at 69) is only used with "BoundingBox"?
  6. @Wingnutaha,this is really a good "RAMBLING",I benefited a lot。thank u so much,and with your help,i did some changes,look at this PG. Although i still not familiar with PS,but i found that it become more and more interesting(Imagination is "Power"),i'll keep investigating and perfecting fireworks. I don't know what to say but thankful for your support,。 and i know one thing which is "Why it explode like a square not a sphere", cause the direction1&&direction2's range==>Eg:X from -1 to 1;Y from -1 to 1;Z:from -1 to 1,that's exactly a Box,how come it'll be a sphere?
  7. @WingnutI've tried to use particleSystems,and。。。。。Haha ,it's did better than physics,and i can also get the particle's position after i read this: and there still has problems: I still can't get the max particle's(X、Y、Z) and min particle's(X、Y、Z) range(it's like the BoundingBox's Size),,,is there a method or a formula that i can do some calculations to get these values? see this PG(please wait 10 sec),why the explosion didn't look like a sphere but a Box?any other ways to set the direction?(I only fonud direction1&direction2)
  8. helllo.i wanna create a firework(which can get every instant of it),here is the PG/ I can hardly controll the explode range(line 35-37). is there some ways that can optimization it to make it more Fluent?
  9. OH,HO I wanna know What on earth this function will change mesh's what kind of attributes。。。 when i import a .babylon obj,and the i call "mod[0].bakeCurrentTransformIntoVertices();" why "mod.getBoundingInfo().boundingBox.extendSize.x/y/z" value changed,but i didn't do anything else,these is only one mesh in the scene(same as 3dsMax),and why the .babylon file will hold 2 meshs?(Is it related to scaling in 3DsMax?) and when will i call this func?After mesh scaled、moved? thanx you time for helping me.... 【I don't how to mark Topic "Solved"。。。】
  10. Hi.。。erm ..can somebody tell me why i call " mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind); " will return wrong data(there are many repeated data here,not the verticesData i think)?that is not scientific!!! there shouldn't hava the same position.... PG: thanks for your time!
  11. @jerome hi,jerome: when i use sphere to test "getFacetLocalPartitioning()" works perfectly. mesh = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateSphere("sphere", 32.0, 10.0, scene); so if i change the mesh to a cube,i think it should be a cube made up with many little cubes.right? mesh = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("box", 10.0, scene); but it seems that they didn't work well,the PG is : so if block != undifined as you said :the block will have a least one vertex or their own center (barycenter) ... can i check if a block contain part of the facet(Neither vertex nor center ,just part of it)?
  12. babylon

    line 213 to 215 ,delete them。
  13. babylon

    try this...
  14. @jerome oh,haha ,got it.Thank u
  15. babylon

    Any PG?this will help a lot `