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  1. Detect circle collision inside shape

    It works, but the thing is that I'll be using complex shapes, I used this one so you could get my idea.
  2. Detect circle collision inside shape

    This is for a game. And yeah. Whenever I load it the circle goes out the shape.
  3. Hello, This is what I'm trying to do: I have a draggable circle inside a shape which collides with its edges (the shape's edges). Any idea of how I can achieve this? I tried using P2 physics with both sprites, but I couldn't make the circle stay and collide inside the shape.
  4. Hey there, Nice game! I'd just improve the way the character jumps. It should let us move (left, right) while it's jumping, otherwise, it makes it harder for us to jump into the platforms since the jump is inaccurate.
  5. To The Capital II

    Shouldn't the clouds effect be disabled on this one? Since it has a snowing weather.
  6. overlap

    The killcoin function is expecting two arguments but you're giving it none... function killcoin(coin,player) { coin.kill(); } This code line game.physics.arcade.overlap(coin, player, killcoin(), null, this); Should be like this game.physics.arcade.overlap(coin, player, killcoin(coin, player), null, this);
  7. Monster Hands

    I'm not a big fan of puzzle games tbh, but this one is cute, though. Good job.
  8. [PIXI4] Soccer21

    Played it all night long! Very nice and entertaining game.
  9. Hit Moles

    Hello, everyone! This is Hit Moles, my first game. This game is about hitting as many moles as you can in the limited time (1 minute). There are two more characters which are a cactus and a rabbit. When you hit the mole, you score 5 points, when you hit the cactus, it subtracts 5 secs in the countdown timer, But hitting the rabbit will add 5 secs. Preview Demo Feedbacks would be pretty appreciated.