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  1. Hello everyone. I also opened an issue on github, you can check via here: Tested on versions `4.x.x` including latest `4.3.3`, I face this issue with `mouseover` and `mouseout `events in the following cases. 1) I have a rectangle (graphic object) that moves back and forth through the canvas. When I place my cursor in the middle of the canvas, as the shape moves and crosses over my cursor, `mouseover` and `mouseout` events fail to register in a random pattern. 2) For the second case, the rectangle doesn't move, but this time I cross over the shape with my mouse. As I move my mouse fast , `mouseover `and `mouseout` events fail to register in a random pattern as well. Here you can check the code JsBin Below I also share javascript file /* * Mouse events randomly fail to register when delta is large or * rectangle width is small, or there's no animation but you * simply move your mouse fast over the rectangle. * Tested on versions 4.x.x including latest 4.3.3 */ let delta = 15; const width = 40; const renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(400, 200) document.body.appendChild(renderer.view) const stage = new PIXI.Container() const rect = new PIXI.Graphics() rect.beginFill(0xf8d41f,1) rect.drawRect(0, 0, width, 200) rect.endFill() rect.interactive = true stage.addChild(rect) rect.on('mouseover', function() { console.log("1 mouseover") this.alpha = 0.2 }) rect.on('mouseout', function() { console.log("2 mouseout") this.alpha = 1 }) animate() function animate() { if (delta > 0 && rect.position.x >= 400) { delta = -delta } if (delta < 0 && rect.position.x <= 0) { delta = -delta } rect.x += delta renderer.render(stage) requestAnimationFrame(animate) }