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  1. I don't want to be mean but have you considered picking up a Javascript book to teach you the basics? You'll be stranded forever on forums asking (extremely) basic questions and struggling to understand code. To answer to your question however, "return" it's a Javascript keyword that stops executing the current function (and returns a value or nothing) and returns control to the calling function.
  2. If you're using Phaser time then it will probably be (never used it myself so I might be wrong) a certain increasing value that can be used to measure how much time elapsed since a certain event. You don't really care about the initial value - all you need to know it's displayed in milliseconds and it increments accordingly. So at a certain point in your code you could say: var shootTime =; Later in code you could check if a certain amount if time elapsed like this (checks if 1000 milliseconds have passed and does something): var mSeconds = 1000; if( > (shootTime + mSeconds)){ //do stuff } or var shootTime = + 1000;//stores the current time + 1000 milliseconds if( > shootTime){ //do something } Like I said, you took those two lines out of the context so I can't really be sure to what those variables are pointing.
  3. A context of the above lines would be useful for understanding your question. - "this" refers to the JS context so it might be different depending on where you use it. nuts.getFirstExists(false) - seems like a function that gets an object (nut).
  4. This was an awesome read, thanks for posting it.
  5. I am available for work - finished working on both a personal project and a client project (updates and pictures in the first topic).
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. It never occurred to me that the obstacles will be viewed as coins to pick - live and learn I guess. A timeout for shooting the ball was on my mind but alas the time was short. And yeah, it gets pretty unfair as the game advances since the trajectory preview graphic gets shorter and shorter - it has a cap though.
  7. I used p2 physics - heavily inspired by this example. Three different physic groups, each for a pair of chains to achieve the 3d illusion, and for the shake chains effect (when the ball enters the hoop) a function that applies velocity (positive or negative) decreasingly to each link in the chain.
  8. Html5 game about basketball with obstacles. Since I'm poor and a good enough photo manipulation dude I used heavily modified photos for everything - except some effects. I wanted to create an immersive nature background - thus the birds, the insects, the clouds, etc. The game it's available for sponsorship should any sponsors view this thread. The game can be played here.
  9. I've browsed forums before, been a member on many but it's probably the first time when I've grown fond of a community. It does feel good to help other users and be helped in return. Being (virtually) with like minded people that share similar interests (programming, game dev) it's also quite nice. And unlike many forums where one wastes time here the time it's spent usefully. All in all it's an honor and a pleasure being part of html5gamedevs. Hear, hear!
  10. "User experience design (UX, UXD, UED or XD) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product." I also learnt the term recently.
  11. Very well put! I would say though that making casual web games teaches you a lot about UXD and the importance of nice graphics - which you can apply later in your "dream" project. It also teaches you how to FINISH a game which is a very important skill.
  12. The art is great and the game looks very nice. Love the particle effect in the background.
  13. If this is the case then you should strongly consider developing with Unity or another engine/framework that takes advantage fully of WebGL. The only reason I'm using a JS framework it's because of Canvas support which it's essential on mobile.
  14. Hi! How does one integrate external libraries correctly with Phaser? Or other different libraries together for that matter? For example there are lots of cool physics libraries that I would like to use but I don't really know where to start and google didn't help much. I'm assuming that I just have to load them in the html file and simply call functions in one from another but I'm sure I'm missing some things. Thanks!
  15. Very interesting. Actually I was approached by a client for a SPA and UXD (I had to google the terms beforehand, thank you very much :D) so I guess you might be right - although the UXD offer was heavily inluenced by my previous graphic and ui design work - some of which was unrelated with gaming. .IO and IM games are a very interesting market but they do require solid multiplayer programming knowledge methinks. Code Canyon might be another way of gaining some green though I have no experience with them and I don't know if the effort involved will produce any results. Actually @True Valhalla is right - there's been a niche since the advent of the html5 technology. Even if it's not going so well with it doesn't change the fact that it exists and it will do so until it will be vastly overshadowed by other similar tech - like WebGL for example. Also the niche it's not limited to sponsors - like @b10b said there's also plenty of unexplored opportunities. [edit] - my bad, actually WebGL it's also html5 tech. Still, as far as I know there's nothing serious out there to dethrone html5. Well, TV makes it look easy I think and it's transparent about the whole process. But the truth is that it's damn hard to make money selling html5 games to sponsors, even for people with previous programming and graphic experience. And for the folks just starting in this whole game dev business, being successful in the html5 niche will be so much harder. But it's an interesting gaming niche to be part of and as long as one doesn't quit too early there's lots of things to learn regarding UX/gamedesign and some financial opportunities - although those come quite late in the whole process.