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  1. scheffgames

    Phaser dev available for hire.

    I recently finished another html5 game for a client (details in the post above) and I'm available for work. If you need a sleek and polished html5 game don't hesitate to contact me.
  2. Let's say I have some highres sprites for 1920x1080 res. At the beginning the game starts in a small window - say 960x540 (half the max resolution I can accept) so I set the scale of the sprites to 0.5. When the user resizes the window or enters full screen do the sprites automatically scale with the game? That is, does the game uses the old scale and increases the size of the sprite by "hand" (like Photoshop does when you increase the scale of an image and you get pixelated edges and artefacts) or by increasing the actual scale to match the current game scale?
  3. I've made the decision to stick with Phaser 2.6.2. THanks!
  4. Hey guys, haven't been here in a while. How are you all, you crazy game developers you? :)) Anyways, I've got this html5 game gig and don't know if I should use Phaser 2 or 3. Been out of touch with html5 gamedev scene for a while so I really have no ideea what the current state is. I'm guessing Phaser 3 has some shiny new features and probably improved performance but can I use it without fearing that some arcane bug will bring my game down in the future? Phaser 2 I know doesn't, but the new kid on the block, Phaser 3? What do you guys think?
  5. scheffgames

    Phaser dev available for hire.

    I'm available for short term projects - I've also updated my bio with the latest work. If you are in need of html5 Phaser game don't hesitate to hit me up.
  6. How would one approach creating a turn based strategy game in Phaser? We have the main update() function, sure, but we're not dealing with moving objects on the screen, rather updating the complex states of various objects in a certain order. Implementing my own customized update function that measures how much time has passed in mSeconds and then performing certain actions comes to mind but it's from the top of my head and I'm sure there must be better ways of doing it. I've been out of the gamedev loop for some time so I feel a bit stupid asking such a (probably) simple question.
  7. scheffgames

    A game I made for a client

    A quick project that I made for a client a while back. A match 2 game, finished in just 9 (intense) days. Artwork and programming done by yours truly. Cool things I made: ability to modify and add custom text for various windows with placeholders for various variables - like number of coins per level, time in which the level was finished, etc., a (simple) public API that allows for simple starting the game and receiving all the data from all the sessions the player plays at the end (number of coins, times per level, etc). Particles were made with TimelineFx (which is starting to grow on me due to the ease of use and good results despite the fact that a more advanced program is available - Particle Illusion). There is no end menu or start menu as this part is handled by my client who wants to integrate this game with various platforms. What surprised me was the fact that altough the client (which is a small startup) has two very capable JS developers they still used my services. I guess all that Photoshop and game development experience matters. One thing I like about this game is the snappiness and the incredibly simple reshuffling mechanic which proved to be so much simple than I was afraid. The design and artwork also took a bit of experimenting - sadly the fonts for displaying remaining moves, coins and time were changed at the request of the client and don't match as well as the previous one. Match 2 game
  8. The title says it. I'm curious about how PIXI works and I will probably get my hands dirty. But is it worth learning it properly if I'm already familiar with Phaser?
  9. The gods are dead. Good luck though, you're going to need it.
  10. God damn it....don't know how I missed that. Thanks for noticing!
  11. I’ve launched my first game under the EXONPLAY brand – Nature Basketball. It’s a simple basketball game in a relaxing nature setting. It’s available on Google Play – my main monetization channel. I’ve also published it on a couple of online games portals where it can be played directly in the browser: Kongregate, Newgrounds and The browser versions of the game have hand-made ads that point to either the Nature Basketball Facebook Page (for pc users) or to Google Play App (for mobile users). Short Post Mortem. I’m unhappy with a few things about Nature Basketball. Firstly it’s quite large with 17 mb worth of files – it takes a bit to download for users with slow internet connections. Secondly the game performance it’s not very high – the main reason behind that being the multitude of graphical elements that make up the scene. The submission process to Kongregate, Itch and Newgrounds was easy and straightforward – I spent no more then 10 minutes. Submitting on Google Play took a bit longer and I’ve discovered some minor bugs after I’ve already published it so I had to quickly push some updates. Other then that everything seems to be working fine – the ads are displaying properly, there are no crashes. We’ll have to wait though for a bit to get some feedback from players. Marketing. Right now my marketing channels are the Nature Basketball Facebook Page, the custom ads displayed on the browser versions of the game which point to the Google Play App and to the Facebook Page, my twitter account, r/webgames, r/gamedev and I’ll have to think and research more channels so I can increase the game’s visibility. Expectations are quite low at this point. I’ll just have to wait and see how it will evolve during the following months. Close Future Plans. The next couple of games are going to be shorter (dev time), with an abstract theme and using some popular existing mechanics. This will hopefully solve the two main issues that I have with Nature Basketball – slow performance and high loading times. I’ve already started working on a simple abstract endless runner kind of game. The mechanics are very simple (and already done) – right now I’m working on the graphical aspect – it’s going to be very minimalist and sci/fi themed. I intend to keep the dev times shorter on this one – hopefully by the end of the next week it will be ready to launch. The best thing about self-publishing and not relying on other game portals to buy my game is that I can experiment wildly with both mechanics and graphics – which I intend to do fully in the somewhat further future. I also intend to have a rapid cycle of gamedev and release – 2 weeks for a game is the current maximum allocated time for a game. That’s all folks. Original Article.
  12. scheffgames

    Is NeutrinoParticles the best particle effects editor for JS? Windows 10, 64bit.
  13. scheffgames

    Red Bull Soapbox Racer

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'interaction' of undefined at Function.x.init (redbull-soapbox-racer.min.js:398) at Lh [as __class__] (redbull-soapbox-racer.min.js:7) at Function.Lh.main (redbull-soapbox-racer.min.js:7) at redbull-soapbox-racer.min.js:1468 at redbull-soapbox-racer.min.js:1468 It seems I can't play games today, second game where I get an error.
  14. scheffgames

    My New Phaser Game: Adventure of Ryan Hunter

    Uncaught Error: This browser does not support webGL. Try using the canvas renderer Why not using phaser's AUTO rendering mode? So it can work both on canvas on webgl?
  15. scheffgames

    Is NeutrinoParticles the best particle effects editor for JS?

    Looks promising but it just crashed when I run the editor: NeutrinoParticles Editor.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0023:00000000