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  1. You welcome, remember to post in the forum if any issue occurs
  2. Hy welcome to Babylonjs! There are different ways to achieve this, but i'll clarify what you need 1. 2. 3. 4. if(ball.intersectsMesh(paddle)){ball.dispose()}
  3. Online game optimization

    Just tweaking the screen resolution check this demo: what's the fps difference?
  4. Online game optimization

    I have an optimization idea, i've not tested it with babylonjs but it works very fine with threejs
  5. I’ve been working on a pirate’s game, so time consuming, but i’ll be releasing a beta version probably at the end of this week or next week, here’s a preview:
  6. Talkies, finally! (Improved)

    A little bit grumpy
  7. A zombie FPS game demo

    Tips: need maze generating algorithm, and better AI library like babylon-navigation-mesh I can help if you want
  8. Slavs - slavian rpg game

    nice!! The link is not working
  9. AI pathfinder

    @Deltakosh Yeah certainly the algorithm!
  10. AI pathfinder

    @Deltakosh if you check the code, i want box to locate box2 in the maze just like i did here:
  11. AI pathfinder

    hy guys! i made a pathfinding ai algorithm on jsfiddle here , now i am trying to use it in babylonjs, but it's not working this is my PG to check what's wrong, you can drag the camera to view the maze
  12. Hy guys, I've been trying to make a pg on how I can navigate a mesh that's always on the surface of a sphere..sorry I can't reproduce a PG, but I can explain further in case
  13. Room Design

    This is awesome @NasimiAsl is the tool available already?
  14. Room Design

  15. Room Design

    Hy there and welcome to babylonjs, you can take a look at this forum it has some building strategies there, but i recommend you go to the official babylonjs website[] to learn a few api's and functions, and you're good to go