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  1. Hi Mpman, If the imported meshes are from the SceneLoader then you can change their properties after loading: BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "/dir/", "file.obj", scene, function (loadedMeshes) { loadedMeshes.forEach(function(loadedMesh) { console.log(`loaded ${}`, loadedMesh) } }); If you want to hide a mesh instead of using css, try to set it's visibility property to 0. So, in the code above you could do: if ( === 'hideme' ) { loadedMesh.visibility = 0 } If you share the file you are importing and where you are stuck we can be more helpful.
  2. No, my suggestion wouldn't work then because the texture is scaled. Hopefully somebody else can help you out.
  3. I only see the colour and edges properties you set, but I'm pretty new with babylonjs. There's surely a better way, but I've created custom edges for boxes by making my own texture - it's just a .png image for a texture. The code is here: The last PG is more or less how I am doing it: I made a dashed texture quickly and attached screenshot.
  4. This is a PG of the second way: I like this ArcRotateCamera trackball that iiceman made - maybe that will work, but it is wonky at the north/south poles:
  5. Wow - this is a great initiative. Has any consideration gone into converting BJS vNext (4?) to Haxe, so it would not require manual maintenance for a haxe port? It would be interesting to know if it is feasible. Seems to me like the primary purposes of Typescript conversion [1] would apply to using Haxe as the primary language, while being able to target compilation to additional languages like c# and java. [1] I'm referring to article here from 2014 If there is a list of tasks I will make some time to help out, but it does seem too cumbersome to maintain perpetually with the frequent BJS commits.
  6. I get the same thing. If I apply a material after the first completion callback, those materials are overwritten with blender materials, if the materials were exported from blender. I have seen other posts where people were waiting for second callback, but I was only getting one and materials were not ready.
  7. i don't know a recommended way, but I just copied the .ts file from babylonjs source and modified it be removing any "BABYLON." references. Then my code was just this: SceneLoader.RegisterPlugin(new OBJFileLoader()) SceneLoader.ImportMesh(...) Anyway, I'm sure this isn't the recommended way, but will get you going until you find something hopefully better.
  8. Thanks @Sebavan didn't know about that one! The docs ( have a PG:
  9. I think you'll want a skybox and plane to match. This isn't quite there, but how about something like this (if you pan around it stops working - the skybox needs to be fixed)?
  10. Very cool @gryff - I am super lost in the maze!
  11. The OP is still having the issue
  12. Have you checked out this project? Online demo here - implemented with BabylonJS and Typescript:
  13. I'm trying to get my phone (S8) working like the video in this post, which has head and ray tracking in BabylonJS: That PG is: I have an S8 and Gear VR and I am unable to get ray tracking and 3D head tracking working at the same time. What I have tried: Disabling Gear VR service (using Package Disabler) 1. Opening the PG with a web browser, but I have no controller. In Samsung Internet (normal or beta) or Chrome browser the head tracking works great, but no controller. Enabling Gear VR service opens oculus and I have tried these 2 options: 1. Opening Oculus browser. Have 2D scene (so side by side screens). Don't see any options for 3D. 2. Opening Samsung Browser in Oculus. Opens and controller works in 2D (with side-by-side screens), while head tracking doesn't. Switching to 3D Side-by-side wasn't 3D. I updated the firmware on my controller. Not sure what I am missing. Thanks.
  14. I've never used GLTF, so maybe this does not apply. I have done similar things to set/reset transformations on meshes, you might find the setParent() method useful. I created a reset parent method that unwinds the transformations: If you are on <= 2.5 or want to see a PG, check this one out (I think it's from Adam):
  15. This does not answer your question, but I don't know if you have seen sound.attachToMesh(), which accomplishes what you are trying to do position-wise. Maybe you can copy that? (line 519)