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  1. BABYLON.Augmented Reality ... in AR.JS

    The thumb up at the end of the video is a nice touch!! Great work
  2. Check the network logs for 404s. For your .NET project make sure your wwwroot has the files - you may need a postbuild event to copy. Like DK said - you can enable specific mime types in your config, but try this to start and then lock it down more after (in startup.cs): app.UseStaticFiles( new StaticFileOptions { /* unknown mime types (ie: .fx) files will not be served, otherwise! */ ServeUnknownFileTypes = true } ); edit: Serving unknown file types is not recommended security-wise, so once you get it working switch over to FileExtensionContentTypeProvider
  3. Shadow Blur Problem

    Looks really clean. Totally random, but what is Can't seem to find anything about it, code looks like Particle System, so I figured out the ps...
  4. Shadow quality and resolution

    I spent a fair amount of time in blender getting my vertices count way down, but you have millions! I don't know what the impact would be of making your scene 1/2 as big, but it is a lot of effort if it doesn't make a difference. I think DK's suggestion to merge meshes would help a lot, if that is possible - ie: are your building walls with the same material one mesh? I have a GTX1050 and with certain shadow/light settings my computer struggles to get 30FPS on much smaller levels, so it was a lot of tweaking, but i am made visual sacrifices for useBlurExponentialShadowMap = true. Obviously my levels look nowhere as realistic as yours hopefully somebody with more experience on big levels can give you some pointers...
  5. npm update

    Got it - that was a lot of effort to get to this point, so really appreciated!
  6. Shadow quality and resolution

    That's a big map. Did you look at softening the shadow? shadowGenerator.useBlurExponentialShadowMap = true; shadowGenerator.useKernelBlur = true; shadowGenerator.blurKernel = 64; Another thing is increasing the size of the shadowMap - you have 8192. What have you tried? I spent a lot of time getting shadows right - lights, intensities, positions, shadowMinZ, shadowMaxZ, self shadowing...
  7. npm update

    Thanks @RaananW for this great contribution - I will have more questions probably once your docs are ready. To start I noticed for example you are doing namespace import (import *). Are you not having any side effects (ie: import 'babylonjs')? Right now I am using named exports (import * as BABYLON would work just as well...): import { SceneLoader, Scene } from 'babylonjs' In same file I am manually calling to register my loader: import { OBJFileLoader } from '../../babylonJS/babylon.objFileLoader' SceneLoader.RegisterPlugin(new OBJFileLoader()) // how are these managed? SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "folder/", "File.obj", scene, loadedMeshes => { ... }) I have copied .ts files from babylon source into my project to get loaders, procedural textures, GUI, etc. All done manually of course, so this will be a huge improvement for me. I am curious how you have registered imported plugins. I will be checking the "side-effects" and namespace import effect on tree-shaking. Happy to test it out and provide any comments.
  8. npm update

    Just noticing that there was a big changeset for the NPM modules for gui!! ( This is really a big move and I want to try it out and hopefully get GUI working with my setup. I'm wondering how long that takes to get to npm (3.1.0-alpha3?) Otherwise is it recommended to build my own from source to try it out or copying from github/dist/preview release/ to node_modules? Thanks.
  9. How to properly dispose PolygonMeshBuilder

    You can clear the reference to an instance of a PolygonMeshBuilder by assigning something small like undefined or null. Then it will get GCd by javascript. You can look at the source - there is no dispose() like on Mesh objects: If the PolygonMeshBuilder leaves scope it is also collected. If you just have one then I wouldn't worry about it, but if they are created dynamically and stay in memory then you probably should as the holes and points stay in memory.
  10. Various Questions

    One thing I noticed was that there is a continuous rotation after a jump. I think if the rotation is minimal you could try to zero it out: impostor.setAngularVelocity(Vector3.Zero()) Same with linear velocity, if no keys are pressed in a while or it is really slow? impostor.setLinearVelocity(Vector3.Zero())
  11. Wow, that's so great. Can you elaborate on the 80%? The work you did you getting GearVR working is fantastic. I'm wondering about the GearVR controllers and other VR experiences like Cardboard. Thanks again. I'm going to get the alpha-2 update and do some experimenting this week...
  12. I've had success with the range property on light. ( Defaults to Number.MAX_VALUE in the source (
  13. Animation Interpolation And BlendingSpeed

    Specifying all 3 separately just matches the use case that I saw before when working with rotation as a Vector3 directly - plus what JohnK said. I am assuming the rotationQuaternion is null on your meshes, otherwise the .rotation property would be ignored. In my game I have numerous meshes rotating based on other meshes (location + rotation) in essentially a state machine and to link meshes I use code to sync rotations similar to the new Mesh.setParent(...) that I think was added in 3.0. I have buttons to pause/unpause animations, which is useful for inspecting meshes and seeing what is happening with rotations/positions at different stages. I wrote my version of rotation synchronizing across meshes with BJS 2.5 from a PG made by adam that I can't find right now. Here is the setParent code for getting two meshes to match rotational differences in world space when parenting/unparenting: Hopefully something like that can setup your next frame rotation correctly - I can't see why your rotations are not additive/reset without more specifics. Maybe you can make a PG with same behaviour? Cheers.
  14. Animation Interpolation And BlendingSpeed

    Looks like your rotation keeps going back to original position, but you are slowly veering right position-wise. You have another post ( I just wanted to refer you to another post from JohnK as it helped me understand rotations better: Hope I'm not throwing you off track and this code is totally untested - looks like a tough problem for me to see without issue isolated in a PG. So, my comment to get the last rotation set for next frame is to add delta rotation something like: private updateDeltaRotation():void { if (this.owned.metadata != null && this.owned.metadata.state != null && this.owned.metadata.state.deltaRotation != null && this.owned.metadata.state.lastRotation != null && this.owned.metadata.state.rootRotation != null) { this.owned.metadata.state.rootRotation.subtractToRef(this.owned.metadata.state.lastRotation, this.owned.metadata.state.deltaRotation); this.owned.metadata.state.lastRotation.addRotation(this.owned.metadata.state.deltaRotation.x, 0, 0); this.owned.metadata.state.lastRotation.addRotation(0, this.owned.metadata.state.deltaRotation.y, 0); this.owned.metadata.state.lastRotation.addRotation(0, 0, this.owned.metadata.state.deltaRotation.z); } }
  15. Issue in loading image

    var toLoad = [ {name : "bgnd_color", src : "./textures/bgnd_color.png" }, {name : "color_picker", src : "./textures/color_picker.png" }, ... ]; let loadedImageCount = 0 toLoad.forEach(function(obj) { var img = loader.addTextureTask(, obj.src); img.onSuccess = function(t) { assets[] = t.texture; loadedImageCount++ if (loadedImageCount === toLoad.length) { loadScene(...) } }; }); This is a bit hacky, but so is adding dummy textures! This would only work if all the textures loaded successfully (could always add a onTaskError otherwise)... there must be something else going on, though. I was looking at the code from and has what you have followed by assetsManager.load(); Anyway, I've never used the assets manager, but will add it at some point to my game.