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  1. T0YN3TT

    How to fix a Image to a Sprite

    put everithing inside a container. then rotate container.. sorry for my bad english
  2. I want to publish my game facebook instant game. the player must connect to my server. i host the game on facebook. and the server?
  3. T0YN3TT

    UI Elements on Phaser 3

    Thanks. I want to make with HTML elements, do you know some tutorial to do this?
  4. T0YN3TT

    UI Elements on Phaser 3

    I want to make an login system with phaser 3? how it is possible?
  5. T0YN3TT

    How to change cursor to a text

    i want to change the normal cursor to a hand cursor, when it is over of text, i need help